Selling things in small boittles


E3 will be my first event and after all the hydration memes I noticed a lot people will be drinking a lot of water. So I thought it would be fun to sell some home made cordial to make all the water less boring.

But I have been wondering the best way to sell this. Either giving people drinks from one large bottle or selling it in small bottles that will last them a while. I was at first thinking about the later but I don’t want to cause a littering issue (I am thinking of maybe refills will be cheaper to discourage this) and also where to buy the things. Haven’t been having loads of luck in this regards.

So if anyone has any suggestions that would be great thanks :).

Quite a few people carry their own cup or tankard, so our group was selling cordial by the glass made up while they stood there with our group water jug, but we also sold the neat cordial in small labelled bottles.

Either will work. Depends slightly if you’re going to be wandering around or trading from a stall, and how much you want to carry.

I made up our labels with a group logo on them, but also with all the ingredients used and diluting instructions. My bottles are plastic (because it was less heavy) and came off ebay. There were plenty of sellers selling clean new bottles to be filled with things.

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I tend to get my potion bottles off the clearance section of Ampulla. They have a wide variety of cheap end of line bottles.:!/c-1-170-304/

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Thanks you both :). That was some rather helpful info. Going to order some bottles and give this a go. Should be fun!