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Hi new player here, when I go to empire in the summer (my first time) I am thinking of starting an artificer business, how do I go about doing that


If you are selling things for barbarian money (OOC cash) then you will need to contact PD. If you are trying to sell things for IC cash (rings, crowns and thrones) then there are a few things you can do. The most common way is to go around and try and sell to people directly. This means you will be noticed and that it makes things easier for other people. The other way would be to stand in area of interest such as the entrance gate and try and catch people going past. Reasonable prices and charisma should help you to sell things.

Try and make contacts with people as well. When you are chatting to someone you can mention in passing that you just happen to be selling things. Maybe ask your friends to pass the message around. The more people know about you, the more likely you are to get business. You may need a method to help you stand out as well. Maybe some gimmick or try and tie it into the virtues so people believe it is virtues to specifically buy from you.

You may find it starts of slow but don’t lose hope. It may be a bit scary going up to people’s camps and asking them to buy from you but sometimes you need to do that. You would probably find fairly good business from the League as they are fairly well known for their extravagance.

If you are selling fancy weapon enchantments then dawn would be a good place as they like that kind of thing. Highguard, Wintermark and the Navarr also like their combat but I feel enchanted items fit dawn a bit better.

Varushka are all about being hospitable to guests due to their hearth magic. This means that even if you don’t sell anything you may be able to snag a cake or at least a drink which can be nice.

I think the brass coast can be a bit funny sometimes when it comes to money. Some of them will take any opportunity to get it away from you however they have to be honest. They quite like prosperity prices which is paying the amount you believe something is worth, which means you can make more then you should or less, depending on how generous the person is feeling. The imperial orcs will probably want to try but they are harder to access. Either you need to catch them walking around or you need to go and get a weapon and another person with a weapon, to be able to even enter their camp.

I don’t know much about the marchers. I feel they are more practical and less about being showy and so they are less likely to buy jewellery and such things.

Basically, know your customer. It will make it easier to sell to them.


Hi and welcome Robdaguy.

Firstly, I’m assuming you mean making IC enchanted items, and selling them, preferably at a profit.

Not to overlap what Iwillgetthingsrong has said, a few points:

  1. As an artisan, you get a starting portfolio of 4 recipies that you can make. I reccomend getting a couple of popular ones if possible. Something that will likely be in constant demand.

Bear in mind that warrior type characters are the most common, and that enchantments only last a year (extreme circumstances notwithstanding), there will be a constant turnover in simple to medium enchanted items for fighters.

Examples include's_Plate

So grab something popular as a standby cash-cow.

  1. Co-ordinate supply. Do your items all use ingrediant X? Get a personal resource that supplies plenty of it. Are you joining a group of other players? See if any of them have materials to spare. Check how available your ingrediants will be.

I mean, if you have a lot of ambergelt items, you could have a business, gets lots of cash, send some time buying ambergelt. You could have a fleet, get a random bag of shinies, sell or trade those for ambergelt. But it might be easier to have an ambergelt forest…

  1. Be prepared to NOT get stinking rich off this. You may make a tidy profit off selling your items, but buying the ingrediants will be tricky, you may want to replace any you use yourself, and you may end up making stuff for friends and “family” and a loss.

  2. How Artisan works from event to event can be tricky to grasp at first. Would you like my step-by-step breakdown?


Yes I think I am going to have the recipies for biting blade, warriors plate, storm sceptre and reaving mattock. Also my recourse will be a mine with oricalthum. As this is the only thing I need other than tempest jade and I know someone I can get that from


That’s a good list of items, I suspect they’ll always be in demand.

(looks up Storm Sceptre)

Ooo, good one… I might want one of those :slight_smile:

Getting hold of a few portions of other materials isn’t too difficult, but if you’ve got more orichalcum than you can use, it usually sells well.

Note that because Warriors plate and Storm Sceptre take 2 months to make each, and you have 3 months downtime between events, you can’t make both of these every time. So I suspect you’ll be making one of your others, and maybe the plate, every downtime, materials depending.

Don’t forget you also get the recipie for Artisans Oil, which can be useful to have on hand (2 or 3 drams therof, it repairs shattered stuff).

Now, do you understand how you get items and materials?


If you are selling things for barbarian money (OOC cash) then you will need to contact PD.

Incorrect - this is only if you are wanting a trade pitch in the marketplace area. Selling as a peddler is different and does not require notifying PD, though if OOC trade is your main reason for attending you will probably want to touch base with them anyway. See here for the OOC trading guidelines:


I was assuming that they would want a place to set up if they were selling things for OOC but I didn’t think about them wanting to do it in the same way that you would sell IC stuff. Thank you.


No Don’t understand how materials work


Right… (cracks knuckles)

We’ll use you as an example.

  1. Rob starts an Artisan character. He picks 4 recipies (call them Items 1, 2, 3 and 4, each requiring more stuff to make than the others), and an Orichalcum mine as a resource.

  2. He joins Group X, and books for Event 1*

  3. At Event 1, Rob picks up his character pack. It contains 18 rings (small change), 12 Orichalcum (from his mine, in nice bronze ingots of various sizes), and 3 ribbons. These are Item 1 (with 9 months duration), Item 2 (6 months duration), and Item 3 (3 months duration, so just lasting the one event). Also a hand-in bag and form.

  4. Rob binds Items 1 and 3 to himself (as an Artisan, you can bind items you know the recipies for to people), and sells Item 2 (at a discount rate due to low duration) to new friend Dave.

  5. Rob then calculates what he wants to make in downtime. Another of Item 3 for himself, and another Item 2 for sale. This will require a combined total of 8 orichalcum, 3 tempest jade, and 2 weltsilver.

  6. Rob then goes trading around his group (who may trade generously), his nation (who may be fair), and the other nations (who may be looking to reap a good profit). He manages to sell the spare 4 orichalcum from his mine, and buy 3 Tempest Jade, but no Weltsilver. Apparently there’s a Spire in Urizen buying it all up to build a giant silver lion golem for something **

  7. Unable to make Item 2, Rob resolves to make item 1 (free materials but 2 months manufacture time) and Item 3. At the end of the event, he drops off a little bag of materials with the correct form to the Games Operations Desk (G.O.D.), before 17:00 on Sunday. He keeps his unused materials.

  8. In downtime, Rob logs onto his Profound Decision account. He checks he has the right things in his inventory. He selects what he wants to make from the drop-down menu. He saves his downtime, and checks that he’s booked into Event 2.

  9. At Event 2, Rob picks up his player pack. It includes 18 rings, 12 Orichalcum from his mine, and the ribbons for a brand new Item 3 (12 months duration) and Item 1 (12 months duration). He removes the ribbon for his last Item 3 (now expired) and binds the new Item 3 to himself.

  10. Giving Item 1 to Group X as a gift garners him no small credit, and they happily pass him some Weltsilver they acquirred in downtime, as they knew he was looking for it last time. A little later, Dave drops by to see if Rob can make a replacement Item 2, as it saved his life last event. He will pay generously…

  11. And so Rob goes on, with known customers and markets, things to buy, things to sell, people to talk to, items to make… and 1 XP with which, perhaps, to buy a recipie for Item 5…

Hope that helps, happy to answer further questions…

*Note that for your first booking, you can get a healthy discount with a recruitment code, available from any of your groupmates or indeed any other player. Including me. Want one?

**Seriously, this happened. It caused a spike in weltsilver prices, and was bloody annoying.


I think a story needs to be made about Rob, Bob and all of your other example characters who are artisans. Are they all related? Is it the same person going by different names? Do they have some sinister motive or are they as they seem? The most important question is: Do they finally make it big in anvil?


Then write one! “Three hammers at Anvil, a tale of Artisans…”


I’ll do that. I thought there were only two example people but from what you are suggestion, there are three, who was the third?


I dunno, I lose track :slight_smile: Maybe it’s you!


Bare in mind, it’s generally expected that purely IC stuff be sold just for IC money, so if you’re just selling the ribbons you receive that mark an item as being magic (which I believe is what almost all artificers do), IC money is the way to go. If you’re also selling the physical prop, you can charge real money fot that, but IC cash should probably also change hands for the enchantment.

Not a ref and not sure how much of this is good manners and how much is PD’s rules, but that’s the situation as I understand it.


Thanks for the advice/story/example, I would love a recruitment code if you could email it to me


No problem.

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