Shares, bonds, contracts and derivatives

Do people sell buy/shares in their resources? for example to raise money for upgrades, and later paying derivatives to the people who bought them?

Do people buy and sell futures on resources? that is contracts that help people who use them hedge against fluctuations that could damage their business?

Do people think there would be demand for these kinds of investments?

Yes to all of that! Ask around on the field. :slight_smile:

I don’t, because it makes my head explode, but there are people who do.

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Yes to all.

The most obvious one is the Bourse seats for major resources (Mithril) which are often bought by a national consortium with a shifting seat-holder, and the resources split amongst them. Given that some of those have opening bids of 500 Thrones when they’re up for auction, this is perhaps not surprising.

There is a lot of financial wheeling and dealing on the field.

I recall a conversation I had in a coffee queue…
“I want to become wealthy IC from this position…”
“Ah, then you need to do X and Y and Z, involving deposits and investments and interest and consortiums”
“I barely understood all that OOC, my character wouldn’t do that, and it doesn’t sound like fun…”
“Then you’ll never make any real money…”