Shattering Blows

Having read the new rules for Shatter (and agreeing completely with the reasoning) I was just wondering if there was any game reason, beyond 1 call per weapon type, that pole weapons like Halberd can’t be used for shatter as well as strikedown? Obviously it seems more than a little silly with spears but for pole axes/hammer it does seem a little strange.

It’s because it’s a fantasy game about making rules work and not about being realistic. There is also the fact that pole arms are better than two handed as they have greater reach in general combat, 2 handers are hard to use.

As Michael said, it’s about the rules. I mean, I know for a fact that I can do be very agile indeed (more than capable of ‘heroic’ blows) with a real 9’ spear (which would be classified as a pike under the rules) but if we could call cleave and strikedown with pikes no-one would take polearm-length spears, except possibly due to the cost issue.

In general, longer weapons are better in larp. Two-handed weapons tend to particularly suck, because they’re too short to reach effectively, take both hands, and leave you more open.

Hence they get the best natural call. The advantage of halberds and so on is that they are seven feet long, the advantage of two-handed swords is that they call shatter.

However, you can call shatter just fine if you have a 5ft pollaxe physrep.

Even though it kinda states the obvious i still highly approve of this reply… 5’ pollaxes are awesome :slight_smile:

As for the rest, I figured it was most likely a balance issue as the 7’ thumpsticks are very advantageous in a battle line.

If you’re desperate to call Shatter with a weapon in the 24"-42" range, you can get a magical Sundering Axe (which can be a sword) … dering_Axe
or there are other options that work against only certain things: … ed_Weapons

So in general, if someone hits you with a call that doesn’t match what that kind of weapon can normally do, you should probably assume that something special like that is going on: a magic weapon, or an enchantment on the person, or something.