Sherlock Hulmes technically sent me

Ive always had an interest in larp but never had the chance to do so, as a roleplayer with 20 years experience i am used to dungeons and dragons and systems like that but empire looks both more in depth but also more self-contained so it looks wonderful to me.

The problem i am having is that i know what sort of character i want to play as but i dont know what nation opr fashion would be assigned to her in empire, is there someone i can talk to about this?

PM sent!

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Have you had a read of the wiki?

There is also the new players Facebook group.

I am currently studying the wiki, as for the group i tried joining it but it just brought me to the register screen on this site for some reason

Also do feel free just to ask any questions you want here, we’ll do our best to help out,

What sort of character were you thinking of?

Basically we love helping people create their characters so any questions ask away :).

What kind of characters do you enjoy playing? And do any of the nations in Empire spark your interest?

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hey thanks for the help guys, i was aided by the first person who pmed me and i think i made a relatively good character that i can look forward to playing at E1 next season