Shield skill + Ambidextrous

Hypothetical munchkinesque situation: a person takes shield and ambidextrous skills.

Can they dual-wield large shields?

No, because Ambidextrous let’s you wield two weapons (or implements) not two bucklers or shields. Also why would you want to?


As noted: Ambidextrous allows you to wield:

  • two one-handed weapons
  • a one-handed weapon and a rod or wand
  • two rods/wands.

It doesn’t allow you to wield:

  • two shields or bucklers
  • two one-handed spears
  • a one-handed spear and a one-handed weapon or rod/wand

I find Ambi and Shield pretty useless now that Shatter is such a rare call. It’s super useful in the rare moments of super hard “OMG” moments at player events, but I can honestly count on one hand the amount of times I have actually used ambi at an empire battlefield when I still have a shield. Either go shield, or go full ambi and flank…