Shields with straps

My question concerns the rule about shields where while a shield is strapped to the body without being held, it provides no protection. The kind of shield that I have is a strap shield exclusively, but it has two straps near the end that are small enough to be held. Would it be enough to strap my arm through the larger straps and then grab onto the smaller straps with my hands?

If you’re using a hand to hold it (such as the small strap), the shield provides protection. If your hand is not holding the shield in any way, then it provides no protection.


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As Kai_G says, if you are holding the shield, by strap or handle, you can use it mechanically for protection.

(Given that shields attract some hefty thumps, you’ll want to strap it on or hold it pretty securely)

As I understand it, that rule is to stop people “blocking” hits using a shield hanging from back or hip…

I’ve used this type of shield in the field, slightly weird strap set up that enabled it to be held like a punch grip, totally within the rules.