Shoulder armour, and q about endurance

i’m playing a bravo and will probably only have a +2 leather pauldron, do i get the 2 extra or no because it only covers the shoulder?
Also, on my page endurance has a 1 on it but in the box it says 2 so do i gain 1 or 2 extra hits? i just want to be clear on everything. thanks :slight_smile:

best advice is to read the wiki sections on armour and combat

I’m not a ref, but I believe that armour has to cover your entire torso i.e. chest and back from waist to neck, plus additional location (such as head) or half of both arms / legs as a minimum to count.

I don’t think the system will give you any additional hit points for just having shoulder pauldrons, other than if they were hit directly (i.e. on the physrep) they may negate a Cleave call, or an Impale call, if they were medium or heavy armour respectively.

If you have leather armour, you’ll need to check the Wiki description to see whether it would count as light or medium - I don’t use leather so can’t really help with that, my gear is all steel maille and plate !

Taking these in reverse order:

You sound like you have one rank of endurance, which costs 2xp. This gives you one extra hit.

For armour, you don’t get any extra hits for just having shoulders. To get hits you need to wear armour which covers the majority of your torso, and at least one other location from the head, arms or legs.

If you wore a pauldron with a leather cuirass, some vambraces, and some greaves, you would then get extra hits from it.

Thanks for the info

Oh, final detail. If you plan to wear magical armour, you need to have enough armour to gain hits from it.

So you can’t wear just a magical breastplate - there needs to be at least a helmet or so to go with it.