++Sieze the moments++

New Wind of Fortune!

During the Autumn Equinox, Bloodcrow Udoo announced the ambition of the Imperial Orcs to claim the Barrens for their nation, a call to arms that received the backing of the Imperial Orc Assembly. The Druj hold the territory, and show no signs of letting it slip through their talons, but with the orcs of the Mallum defeated in Ossium and on the back foot in the Forest of Ulnak, now might be the moment to take action and drive them out of the Barrens as well.

One matter still to be resolved is what form an assault against the Barrens should take; a direct assault to destroy the Druj, or something more focused around uniting the remaining orcs that live under the thumb of the cruel tyrants. There are also allies to consider; perhaps they could be found among the virtue assemblies? Perhaps the orcs of the Great Forest, or even the briarborn who live among them? This is no simple undertaking after all.

And of course there is also the matter of Dawn. The glorious nation has a long history of conflict in that sprawling wilderness, and has attempted to conquer the territory many times, but implacable opposition from the Druj has always stymied them. How will they react to this ambitious claim by the Imperial Orcs?

You can learn about the opportunities for the Imperial Orcs to press their claim to the Barrens in Seize the moments .

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