Single person ic tent

Most examples of an ic tent I see are fairly big bell tents, anybody have a solution for a single person tent that it big (I carry my gear in a huge backpack and now have a nice big duffle bag for extras) enough for a person and there gear.
Unfortunately I have to use public transport so it can’t be too big but I still would like to try ic camping

There’s a few types of military pup tents that might suit - the Polish “Lavvu” is the most common of these.

I don’t recommend them unless you’re young, fit, impervious to cold and not very tall. 20 years ago I was and used similar things. These days, I’m only the last.


A canvas bedroll with a tarp might be something for you. The tarp can be pitched any which way, even as a tipi.

I’m considering similar things. Also public transport and wanting to IC camp.

If there’s a fire somewhere you can even lie pretty close to it, in your canvas bedroll. Or you can take it into a big tent if room permits.

Part of what’s good about IC camping is having a space to invite people into and chat with them while sharing a bit of hospitality (can just be biscuits or snacks, don’t stress it). If you’re going into 1 person sleeping tents I’d really recommend something OOC as you’ll get something more weatherproof and portable with OOC fabrics and stuff.


3m bell tent? Could be carried on public transport if you don’t mind carrying a lot of luggage.

1 or 2 person canvas tents are very, very hard to find. It makes sense when you think about it - most people wanting a 1-2 person tent are going to be backpacking, they want lightweight tents and modern materials do that job far better. Vintage ones do exist - old army pup tents and so on - and I’ve very occasionally seen modern lightweight cotton ‘bicycle’ (because you can carry them on a…) tents advertised here: Redirecting...

For ones you can actually source easily, as Penny mentioned a 3m bell is doable, particularly if you have a garden trolley or similar to aid in transport - I know at least one person who brings one on public transport.

If you are feeling bold you may be able to sort something with a canvas tarp. If you do, for pity’s sake, do it at a warm summer event first, making sure you have a really good bedroll and that you’ve tested sleeping in it overnight in your garden or somewhere else close to home.

If you are a crafty sort you may be able to make your own. There are lots of instructions, patterns and advice online for making Viking/Norse A-frame tents, and a smaller version could work well for a single larper. Or you could buy a nylon army surplus pup tent and cannibalise it for poles and a pattern. Same advice applies as above - don’t chance a full weekend event in a homemade tent until you’ve tested it thoroughly!


I would agree with ALL the above comments, and remember IC tents are canvas, and get very heavy in rain, so you have to think of your journey home as well, what is easily manageable dry can be a nightmare wet.
OC is the best bet for small tents

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I asked some friends who I know do this, they replied:

“…they are basically the tarp tents set up in the tipi style like someone else mentioned. 9x18 foot tarp set up in the right style as found on the internet, fairly cozy but have door issues unless care is taken. Roomy enough for a decent amount of kit but pack down into a suitcase barring the poles.”


“…worth adding: for the love of god do not put any weight against the side of the tent while it is up…otherwise they ain’t waterproof”

Oh, and I found this video, of what worth it is, you judge…


“IME even 3m bells aren’t public transport friendly - my previous A frame / ridge tent worked pretty well; was easier to transport and is fairly roomy for one person plus kit.”

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It is probably far easier if you want to be on the IC field and it’s just you to ask around and see if someone can offer you crash space. Especially if you can offer to help pitch or strike it.

As said above single lightweight plastic tents are much easier to come by, and likely to actually keep you dry, without you having to screw yourself into a tiny ball to avoid touching the walls.

Bringing a bag onto the field that can be stuffed in a corner with your snacks and warm evening layers isn’t a problem, and that really the only additional thing you need if camping OOC instead of IC.