Site Map Update E2 2018

Another update to let people know that the site map ( is now up for the next event. We’ve made a few more changes to the layout this time - we’ve moved Dawn to the new field as they have been increasingly short of space in the last year - and we’ve moved a couple of nations round in the old field to allow us to get a better layout for the game. Dawn, Marcher and Urizen players will all need to note the new layout.

We’ve also moved the Hall of Worlds, the Regio, and the Sentinel Gate. There is no perfect spot for everyone for these key game areas, but the new location will make it much easier for us to stage plot in the Hall of worlds - and easier for players to move back and forth between the Hall and the encounter tents.

Obviously the fields were incredibly wet last event, particularly the new field, but also much of the battlefield was completely underwater. Sadly there was a month of rain over the three days running up to the event and the site just couldn’t cope with that, especially given how wet the preceding three months were. We’ve now had a month of blazing sunshine in May, the site has dried out fantastically well and the seven day forecast for the event is phenomenal, so we’re not anticipating any problems of any kind getting vehicles on and off the site.

However we will have woodchip laid on at the suppliers ready just in case the forecast changes. The later the woodchip goes down the better - so we’re saving it until it is actually needed, rather than putting it down and letting it kill the grass.

We’ve added a new OOC camp - primarily intended for Wintermark and Dawn players, this is a field immediately adjacent to the new Anvil field - players will be able to park and camp there as normal. We’ve designated a second accessibility camp for that area. There won’t be a toilet block in that field - the nearest one is in the Dawn/Wintermark field - but there will be an accessible portaloo in the accessibility camp which for those players.

There is a route for cars to reach the new camp. It’s marked with a dashed line on the map as we don’t intend to lay woodchip for this event because the weather is so good. Obviously we’ll make arrangements if they’re needed for future events.