Site news

Word from Matt Pennington on the arrangements on the new site:

"As most of you know, we had to move quickly to secure a new site for the year. As a result the site we are now using has some restrictions on vehicle movements in some areas. These kind of restrictions are common at many events and festivals but are something we’ve avoided in the past - so please read this carefully as it is very much a change from how we have been operating previously.

We fully understand that the new rules will be a disappointment to many; but we want to stress that while these rules have been imposed on us, they will bring a lot of benefits to everyone who attends the event. Our events have suffered very badly with mud over the last few years. That has happened in part because we’ve tried to make things easy for players and let everyone drive all over the land. Vehicle restrictions means more work for players and crew alike - but it will make a significant difference to the quality of the site. It will mean a less muddy site at this event and for the rest of the year.


Crucially we want everyone to understand what the restrictions will be before turning up, so that you have time to decide which camp you are going to use and plan accordingly.

For ooc camping and parking, drivers have two options. They can either:

  • Park their car in the quiet camping field and come and go freely all weekend
  • Park their car in the OOC camping field but not move it again until they are ready to depart the event

If you drive your vehicle down the road to the OOC camping field - then it must remain there until you are ready to depart the site at the end of your weekend. There is assistance available for moving camping equipment.

There are no road vehicles allowed on the IC field.


Vehicles parked here may come and go freely throughout the weekend. You may pitch and park here or park your car here and move your equipment to the other fields.

There is assistance available for moving camping equipment from here to the OOC fields or to Anvil.

The quiet camping field is the first field you come to, it is a long walk from the IC area. This field has the best hygiene facilities we have had for some time - a large building that includes flushing toilets, sinks with hot running water and large shower cubicles. This camp is ideal for anyone who wants a quiet camp to sleep in - or anyone happy to accept those limitations to have access to the best hygiene facilities at night and each morning, but bear in mind that the quiet camp is a 500m walk from Anvil.

OOC Camping Fields

Vehicles brought to the OOC camping field must remain there for the rest of the weekend. You will be directed to a spot on the land by our gate team and must leave your vehicle there until you are ready to finally depart the event. You cannot drive to the OOC field, unpack your belongings and then return to park in the Quiet camping field. There is assistance available for moving camping equipment from here to the Anvil field.

The OOC camping fields are down the farm track and adjacent to the Anvil field. We will deploy our existing mobile toilet facilities here, these are recirculating toilets with a standpipe nearby for washing hands. This camp is ideal for anyone who wants easy access to their OOC camp throughout the weekend and does not need to leave the site at any point.

IC Field & Crew Camp

The IC field & Crew field at Dadford Road have a complete restriction on road vehicles being allowed on. No player or crew will be allowed to drive their car on to the IC field. Please note this includes 4x4s and road trailers. Whereas in the past we’ve often been happy to let players with 4-wheel drive vehicles on to parts of the IC field this will not be the case at Dadford Road - PD is being equally restricted on this matter. It’s a not an issue of getting bogged down, it’s an issue of the damage to the topsoil on the site.


PD have hired four mules (small all-terrain vehicles) with trailers and arranged a dedicated bunch of crew to drive them throughout site set-up. The mules will be on hand to help anyone who needs to move kit from one area of the site to another before and after the event. Please speak to a member of the gate team on arrival if you want assistance getting kit to the IC or OC fields.

Public Transport

We have arranged for a local transport company to operate a minibus service between Banbury train station and the site. Full details of times are on the website - but please note that there is a £5 charge each way for players and that you must book in advance by emailing to guarantee a place.


No site is ever perfect, and the vehicle restrictions are the main problem we face with Dadford Road. The site has many pluses - the quiet camp has a permanent hygiene block with flushing toilets and hot water in the sinks and showers; Anvil includes a wooded area; and we have a huge battlefield that includes open fields and a big wood. Obviously our crew are going to be working flat out to support the event and get everyone on site and into character as quick as possible but I am confident that on balance the site is actually going to be a big improvement over the one we used last year." … d_Campsite … stice_2016