++site update - putting a quart into a pint pot++

We’ve just updated the wiki with the out-of-character details for our first event of the year - the Winter Solstice 2018 event. Andy Raff is currently hard at work writing the Winds of War with the Winds of Fortune to follow - we’ll be updating them on the wiki as soon as they are ready.

In the meantime I’ve been working on a new site layout with all the camp planners for the nations. Last year we were lucky enough to see hundreds of new players trying Empire for the first time - many of whom were coming to their first ever LRP event. It was absolutely fantastic for the game to have so many new players join us for the first time - the enthusiasm was amazing! But looking at our booking figures for this first event it looks set to break all records (again!).

While that is brilliant - having so many new players who are keen to get involved is great - it has given us a few headaches on the site front. Last year we were only just able to fit people in and by the last event of the year we were bursting at the seams. It was clear that we’d need to take some pretty drastic action if the event continued to grow.

To solve the problem we’ve decided to make Anvil bigger! Rather than try and fit everything into one field, we’ve expanded the game to fill the neighouring field as well as the woods that the Navarr and Orcs usually use. We’ve moved Wintermark and Urizen to the new field - and asked the farmer to create two additional gates between the fields to make access back and forth as easy as possible.

Obviously we want to make sure that there is plenty of game happening in both fields, so we’ve also moved the Regio and Hall of Worlds to the new field along with the Sentinel Gate and the Military Council tent. We’ve also adjusted the layout of the centre of Anvil to move the Hub and the caterers to the new centre of the game. Doing that means that all the camps now have much more space - making the camp planners jobs much easier and ensuring there is plenty of room for all the canvas people want to bring. We’ve also planned to put a new toilet block in the new field and another near the site entrance to make sure nobody has too far to walk!

In addition to these changes, the farmer has harvested some of the timber from the woods, as he needed to do that for his own purposes. The stumps have been ground down - so the woods are now more open and flat with some larger camping glades in them. We’re also looking to see if it’s now possible to push a road up the back of the woods - to allow the Orc and Navarr players to get closer to their camp when loading and unloading.


Wow, lots more space! Really interested to see how the new layout feels.


I’m currently making a map of this, scaled and over laid on to satellite image. Is it true there is a road around the back of the navarr camp leading to wintermark?