Site Update

Hi folks,

This is a quick update to let everyone know that we’ve run into a major challenge with our new site. Unfortunately the local community have been given the impression that our events are noisy and cause a lot of traffic and as a result it’s now possible that we won’t get a chance to prove that isn’t the case. We’re reviewing the situation and we’ll make a final decision on what to do that gives the right balance between running the best possible events this year while keeping open the options to have an amazing site for the future.

Obviously we have solid contingency plans for another site in the region, so all this years events will go ahead whatever happens. The temporary setback is terribly disappointing, but we don’t want to operate a site somewhere that live roleplayers aren’t welcome; that won’t be fun for anyone. We’ll let you know as soon as a final decision has been made and we’ll update everyone here and by email with full site details once we do.

No I can’t answer any questions about it at the moment, but please be patient for a week and we’ll answer everyone’s questions once there are some definitive answers to give out.