Sizes of nations?

I’ve had a brief look through on Facebook, as well as looking through here and found an old topic from a couple of years ago…

But I was wondering if there was up to date information about the player-base size of the nations?

I’m just curious about how many players each nation has XD

I don’t know if there are any official figures (although I suspect PD could provide them). I’m going to start guessing.

About 2000 people on site. A good 200 of those are redcaps and crew.

150 in Dawn
250 in Wintermark
50 in the Imperial Orcs
100 in Urizen
100 in Varushka
200 in the League
200 in the Marches
200 in Highguard
150 in the Brass Coast
150 in Navarr

…hmm, that comes out at 1750… Numbers are off but I think that’s the approximate proportions. Is this something where accurate figures are not available because PD feels it would influence things (fairly reasonably), or does someone have an actual headcount…?

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I can see why it might influence things, I was just pretty curious as to actual numbers of attendees based and where they belong.

Wintermark is huge, almost the size of several of the smaller nations put together. Highguard, Varushka, the League and the Brass Coast seem of a similar size. Urizen and the Orcs are smaller.
This is all based on rough impressions in the field.

I would be unsurprised if Wintermark was closer to 500 and the other numbers were fairly accurate.

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I wonder why Wintermark is so popular?
Other than there are those youtubers (whose videos are pretty good actually…)


I would assume because of the popularity of Skyrim and Game of Thrones.


From what I’ve seen/heard:

  • As you suggest, the popularity of Mark Hulmes and HatFilms
  • Nation that exemplifies simple, clear heroism
  • Relatively standard kit requirements
    *Three different kit briefs to pick from
  • Game of Thrones shares at least visual themes and is in vogue
  • Norse are also popular and enjoy a similarity of appearance
  • Chain reaction of new players joining their friends in Wintermark

I think Navarr is larger than your estimate - probably more like 200/250, and Wintermark must be getting to 400 by now…

(There are official stats on this somewhere, but I won’t go digging in case they’re not public.)


Its quite simple to make and most/all stores carry stock that will work for them. Also its warm. big plus that.

“I think Navarr is larger than your estimate - probably more like 200/250”

The trouble with Navarr is counting them…they don’t stay in the same place, they wear camo gear, and they keep fading in and out of the forest…


Crew numbers are more like 400-500…

But some of them are also players who help during setup and takedown :slight_smile:

Some are - I’m on gate duty myself - but they’re counted as crew rather than players AIUI?

For PD stats purposes probably yes, but for curiosity as to nation size by any definition meaningful to a player counting by nation makes more sense.

The real problem is expecting everyone to stay still for you to count them :stuck_out_tongue:

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