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Hi I have just looked over my skill set and then changed it can someone please tell me if it will work. Also please explain if you can heal yourself

If you have heal then you can heal yourself, unless of course you are incapacitated. I think the draughir might also be able to heal themselves by drinking their own blood but I’m not sure if that is a mechanic or just RP stuff. Of course there are potions that you can drink to heal you as well.

I’m willing to look over what you have, I will need to know what kind of thing you are going for.

I have artisan, magician, ambi (I am getting a storm sceptre magic item and will have a sword) and an extra spell (Heal)

I plan to sell magic items then fight/heal people

I’m assuming your goal is trade and then enter into a few battles.

I think ambidextrous is worth it if you are to use one weapon to defend and the other to attack. You are going to be a little bit squishy as you can’t wear metal armour and you only have two hp so having something extra in between you and the enemy can be helpful.

You however could save that xp and then next event you will have two. With that two xp you can get the shield skill which is arguably better.

I think having the storm sceptre will help you a lot as being able to repel people will make sure you stay alive, but remember, you actually have to hit the person with it. You get four personal mana per day by default so that means you can do four things. This means you don’t want to rely on repel. Of course, if you aren’t planning to do rituals, you can use your mana crystals in battle, giving you seven more times you can cast a spell. It pains me to say this but I think it is good information for you to have.

It certainly can work, you just need to be careful. Don’t wonder too far from allied lines and make sure you always have an exit. You will find that in battle, there will be moments where the only people attacking will be the archers and everyone else will be waiting, then suddenly you might have a charge, a few minutes of violence and then they will break again, which is good, as you don’t have to fight constantly.

I hope this helps.

Thanks yeah it helps, I will probably be behind the lines anyway, and just go to the front to heal when someone is down, the repel is just in case I have to fight

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Have you considered dropping Ambi, maybe taking extra mana or endurance? As is you’re extremely vulnerable and have limited magical output.

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Extra endurance costs two points which would mean that they can’t have it this event. The extra mana is a good idea though. Just so @Robdaguy knows, it gives you an additional two personal mana.

Yeah, will probably do that, thanks

You can heal yourself with the heal spell or potions, although if you are on zero hits, or bleeding out then you can’t use them, either on yourself or other people.

Draughir can’t heal themselves with their blood, it’ll be a pure RP thing, none of the lineages give any ‘in game mechanics benfits’ it’s just RP.

Artisan Magican Ambi seems like good mix, if you have just the heal spell you will go through your mana quickly, so extra mana will help.

Also keep in mind you won’t be able to use armour, or if you are wearing armour you won’t be able to use spells. So you will be increadibly squishy, with only 2 hits, and if you’re casting heal on yourself, without magic items, you’ll only be restoring 1 hit point. (Heal spell sets you to your max hit points, if not quick cast)


Getting kind of tangential at this point, but some lineages do provide a minor mechanical benefit in the ability to shake off certain roleplaying effects (i.e. briars can disregard any effect that would make them tired). Draughir can eat and drink a lot of stuff normal humans can’t like blood and rotting flesh without suffering any ill effect, but it doesn’t heal them any more than regular food and drink would.

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@IbisCappelli and @Knave thank you for clarifying. It is always good to know these things.

Yeah it’s fine and it’s what I was saying

You can get some RP benefit where certain lineages can swap one RP effect for another.
There’s no straight up, mechanical/fighting benefit , ie hit points, skills, easier heal etc. They’re designed just for RP essentially so purely looking at skills and build it has little to
no effect on effectiveness. From a pure skills point.

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To be a bit contrary, I would suggest that Empire is a larp that tends to reward specialisation, at least initially. As a starting 8-point character you can generally be pretty good at one thing, but my advice would be to save diversifying until you have more XP later.

The way I look at it is that XP are ‘fun tokens’. Thus I ask myself what fun I am buying with each spend, and whether each one is good value for money with what I’m planning on doing with the character. So Artisan is a great buy for the trading you talk about, but it is expensive at 4 XP. From your remaining XP you also want to fight in battles as a mage. That is the point where I think you are splitting yourself too many ways to be effective.

Ambidex battlemages can be effective (not very often IMO, as that is a hard style to use and they are super vulnerable to arrows and special calls, while also being a high value target), but my that take a lot of skill and ideally you would devote most of your XP to supporting it. If your primary reason to be a mage is healing, drop it - ambidex is really ideal for offensive builds and will do almost nothing to keep you alive longer (you’ll be easy to hit and two hit points don’t go far). If you are going with a healing build, then magician heal and extra mana isn’t awful. Or possibly switch heal for Restore Limb, as that is always in demand.


My personal bugbear: ambidexterity.

As someone with this skill, I think ambi is a dangerous choice for 90% of players. If you have some plan where one weapon is for attack and one for defence, swap the defending weapon for a shield. You can block arrows and so many attacks with a shield. An off-hand dagger or rod need to parry (an active skill) rather than just being mobile cover (big shields) or at least a big round patch of super-armour (rather than +2 life, a shield just stops the damage dead) that you can move to where you need it.

When you talk about “having something extra in between you and the enemy”, a shield is most players’ best option.


100% behind you! There is a very sound reason why ambidex is rarely mentioned in historical sources as appearing on the battlefield - its the exception rather than the norm, and is much more common in duels/gladiatorial fights etc.

It takes a while to learn and is extremely hard to be good at it. I’ve had the Empire skill for a few years and can count on one hand the number of times I have actively used or wanted to use it, despite practicing weekly when I first started Empire. The times I have used tend to be either short, fast rushes, or me running into a polearm wall very quickly.

Shields and polearms dominate the battlefield for a reason as they provide protection, are easy to use, and help your allies next to you.


The fun thing about ambidex is that it has both a very high skill floor and ceiling. If you want to use it and not die, practice ambidex for… maybe a few years on a regular basis. But if you do end up getting good with it, there are some ambi magic items that will help you just tear through people, like the zero-cost Rake’s Progress giving you an extra two Cleaves, and Bear’s Claws letting you call Shatter with them.

But as said above, in most instances you’re going to want to have the shield for protection or the spear for stabbing. Great weapons are above ambi, but they’re still far inferior to spears and shields. Even if you had a set of Bear’s Claws and could break a spear and jump someone with your paired weapons, it’s generally safer to work together with others- which ambi is not especially conducive to. Although if you actually could get a unit of people equipped with paired weapons and decent armour who are willing to throw themselves into combat when necessary then you could probably do something pretty effective with them, especially if you kit them up with the right skills to go with it- things like Cleave and Unstoppable and hero points out the wazoo.

I’m slightly rambling at this point. Moral of the story is, if you can afford a shield or spear, get one. If not, and you have a rod, you’re probably better off hiding behind other people’s shields spitting out healing spells and Empower, or going off with a Repel and causing trouble if you want to have more fun than being effective.

I took it because that’s just how my character in another system fights, but that is more to do with caves and the disadvantages of a shield compared to a rapier and dagger within an enclosed space. I didn’t own a shield when I started Empire, so I just went with the showman Bravo.

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I wasn’t sure if they wanted to save the xp and get the shield later as I suggested or wanted to get something now. I was merely suggesting that having the extra weapon would be better than nothing. I personally would go for a knife with a reverse grip in my off hand for defence and then a wand in the other for attack. I will admit that I forgot about the buckler at the time, which would probably be just as good, if not better and wouldn’t require a skill. I did suggest that they could save the xp for a shield however, as I do understand that it is generally much better.

Hey remember that after you’ve had your first game and had the chance to try stuff out in a battle you can swap your skills out if they don’t work for you.

I was a Rod and Shield battlemage in my last character and if I had to do it again I would go for using a Staff instead. That extra reach is just so incredibly useful.