Slightly specialist LARP weaponry

Hi All,

Looking for a one handed flail for next year, has anyone either got one they’d be happy to sell on, or can recommend a manufacturer that will pass PD checks?

There’s a few different ways such weapons can be made from what I’ve read, all I can find on the wiki is that you can use them in Empire, but if you become tangled, the one who wields the flail must drop the handle.

Also, as Courage is very important to Marrok I’m looking for a one handed axe too.

Has anyone in the group ever seen one with leather reinforcement on the back of the beard of the axe for use in hooking larp shields without damaging them, to then pull open the guard of your opponent.

As you can see, getting around shields is where I’m trying to go!


No idea on the flails, but I hear Saxon Violence is the place to go for axes; they come very highly recommended as shieldwall breakers by the guys who do Norseman.

Darren Stocker (Irregular Props) does flails. He also does axes, though I don’t know if they have the modification you’re after. However, as it’s explicitly allowed in the rules ( … ent_safety - see Grappling, body contact and shields - not all systems allow it), I’m sure that someone will make them

Winter forge armouries.

My axe has the leather strap you are looking for.

Get it from them!

They also make it to your design/spec

I will be happy to show you in the Autumn season

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Saxon Violence makes excellent axes. Very good looking, very durable, very good prices.

I’ve not seen many flails I’m happy enough with to recommend, so walk around the field and chat to makers about that one.

When I bought my axe from Darren Stocker (the business at the time was “Wandering Soldier”) I was told it had that kind of leather reinforcement for hooking shields.

A random aside: I find that with the grip on an axe, it’s nice if the cross-section is not round but something a bit more oval or the like, so that you can feel which way it’s pointing without looking.

Cheers all… in design discussions with winterforge

Thanks everyone for the input - ended up ordering a custom “Haxe” from Winterforge, with a Hammer head on one face, and a leather reinforced large bearded axe on the other for buggering off those pesky shield weenies.