So.. I'm New :) How do I ....?

Dear All

A quick “hello” from me; Im coming to Orc-it with you guys n gals this Summer Solstice with my 9yr old boy.
Never been to Empire before, never orced before, but been LRPing since way before it was called LARPing. :smiley:

Wanted to ask if there might be a crow/bird themed group (costume reasons :stuck_out_tongue:) we could look to join - at the event?
As we dont know anyone in the Orc group, we thought it might be more interesting to turn up … not actually knowing anyone IC, and then see if there was a group we would join there.

Is there precedence for this?
I know this is quite a large “fest” event, so being attached to a group is an absolute must (in my experience) if we dont want to be twiddling our thumbs for a weekend :slight_smile: It would be nice if we could become useful members of a group who may have use for us. I’ll be playing a weaponsmith/warrior, my son will obviously be attending the Academy, but is quite keen to scout and do RP.

Finally, and to make sense of the subject title: “How do i…?”, what (aside from fighting) is there for the Orcs to “do” on an Empire event?
How engaged are we in the politics of the world?
How is that made relevant for those characters who arent in the leader set?
I got a strong nomadic / indiginous tribal peoples feel from the write up, so how does that translate into life in the Orc camp?
What is an Empire weekend like for someone playing one of the Orc Nation?

Many questions for you all, please feel free to throw some perspectives my way and it would be hugely appreciated.
Always nervy meeting a new bunch of people, but dead excited about trying out something new, both for me and totally for my son. :blush:
See you all soon.


I’ve been an orc for a total of one event, so some perspective there.

Joining a group in play is probably an option; I’m not sure how exactly it’ll shake out with the Orc brief angle on not liking loners, so it might be worth talking to a few more people than just me to get a solid range on how it’ll go. Having your son with you might actually help there, to be honest; I’d also think beforehand about how you’re going to answer the inevitable “Why are you on your own?” questions.

Orcs are fairly politically engaged - we seem to mob up a lot of evenings and a lot of the politics gets discussed as a group. It tends to be a fairly brash atmosphere at that point, but if you’ve got an opinion on something you can get everyone hearing it. It’s not felt like the leader set are making all the decisions amongst themselves to me!

Important things to note: you’ll probably want some mask-off time, particularly if the heat’s getting to you. It’s not uncommon for people to do that in camp - those things are uncomfortable, especially at this time of year, so sacrifices get made… :wink:

At this point I’d probably give you a group pitch just in case you like the sound of what I’m doing, but I suspect from the fact that you want to play a warrior/artisan type that our hyperfocus on theology and the nature of the soul isn’t for you. We’re a bit of a niche interest. :wink:

Any more questions, feel free to ask!


Welcome to empire, its awesome…

I’m like above an Imp Orc but only have for one season, summer ill be my second… now the orcs tend to be very tribal and can look down/suspiciously on orcs that switch around… it is not uncommon especially in your situation…

There are the blood crows and storm crows both groups… i know the blood crows better and they are a good group with children already…

If fsacebook is an option join the Empuire lrp imperial orcs groups and ask for more help there… lots of very helpful people and some docs on how to customise your mask to make it more wearable and people happy to give tips on costume and stuffs


I’ve been an orc for a total of one event, so some perspective there.


Any more questions, feel free to ask![/quote]

Thank you so much for such a comprehensive answer!
It really makes me feel super comfortable that there are people playing in the Orc Camp who arent just doing it for the kicks (and bites/scratches/fighting/pagga/sword-waving stuff). When I read the Orc background I thought there was some interesting RP stuff to be had there, especially with the whole brexit thing recently - an interesting time to spend a day or two in the soles of a person struggling for recogition as a citizen in an “other-culture” host country.

Im not sure how my (and my sons) characters are going to play out, but by nature Im a talker more than a pagga-bunny, so dont be too put off by my warrior/artisan skillset, it was just something simple to hang on to while I got adjusted to what Empire was like. Also really pleased that the plot discussion stuff is more egalitarian in approach. Sounds really (gruff and rough) open forum style.

The “Why are you on your own” question is a great point. My son and I thrashed out a background story that (I hope) goes some way to covering that question. I think, in a way, it is our key ‘motivation’ for this weekend. We’ll have to see if its something that people want to play around with. Was wondering how to “come in” on Time In. Maybe stand outside the Orc IC camp with a white flag, until someone comes and asks? Is there a flag/symbol for parlay or truce in Empire?

Thank you for the tip on the “Mask-off” time as well. Its a big concern for me, especially with my boy. Bought a couple of camel packs to keep us hydrated in kit, but was wondering how people looked on the whole “Real life needs some air / mask-off” issue. Glad to hear its not too much of a biggie.

And as to the pitch…>!
I would really love to hear what your group (and others) do, what their structures are, how they communicate, rankings, ideologies, etc. Please, pitch away! :smiley:

THank you again Morkais!


Welcome to empire, its awesome…


If fsacebook is an option join the Empuire lrp imperial orcs groups and ask for more help there… [/quote]

Neb, you are a superstar!
Thank you for the heads up on the Stormcrows and Blood crows. They actually came up as 2 factions I could join at character creation. By default I put Blood Crow because it wouldnt let me continue without choosing one. However, I would like to see what the different groups are like in game; who the players are, what the play style is, basically scope out who would fit best with what my son and I want to get out of this… which is…?

… I guess its a supportive RP focused experience, which is going to help him feel like he’s achieved something by the end of the weekend. (Its terrible to answer ones own rhetorical questions, but meh… I type as I think. Terrible habit :stuck_out_tongue:)
Still… thank you again for your reply :smiley:

As mentioned above, there are Stormcrows and Bloodcrows, and the Skywise coven (my char is now of the Hall of the White Ravens so I also sport some birds, but it isn’t my group/sect symbol). They have very different flavours and focus within the game though, as the group descriptions on the fb page will clue you in. I think you will be fine turning up and finding a group in play, there seems to be a trickle of 1-2 at every event so it is not unprecedented. Sometimes there’s someone at the gate but with the current woods set up its more a case of wander in and say ‘hi’, you won’t be alone which is the important bit. The orcs as a whole I have found very tightly knit as a nation. I am in a tiny group and haven’t had any real problems finding enough to do, or asking others not in my group if I can tag along or if they wish to join me on my travels. There isn’t a lot of scouting in Anvil itself, though there is a lot of looking for people and delivering urgent messages/news or getting hold of specific items/potions/etc.

How engaged are orcs with the world? Completely. Our generals are a strong voice in the military council, we have a senator and a Advisor on Orc Affairs who push things in the senate. We had an Archmage of Spring a little while ago who was a force for good in the Conclave and we have a few ritual groups, including the Skywise who, I understand, do cutting edge Day-nerdery. We have a small but extremely active bunch of priests including the Cardinal of the Way who are slowly but surely remodelling the Synod after their own design (I may be slightly biased). There are a few (ex?) Militia and a few clever types who poke at the edge of the Bourse game. There was someone who co-ran one of the bigger IC pubs. We have teachers in the Academy. We had a couple of candidates for Ambassadors to Foreign nations. In short - despite small numbers we are spread out across the game and if there is anything in particular you want to get into I’m sure people will want to help introduce you, both IC and OC. It’s such a small nation we often have roles and tasks that go unfilled or have only a token challenger, so I’m not sure there really is a ‘leader set’ as such - there are a lot of unfilled opportunities.

The normadic/tribal feel is very apparent in the camp layout, decor and people’s kit. Most will use this part of their background to influence their opinions on things. The recent acquisition of Skarsind, for instance.

An Empire weekend as an orc in my experience is a fine balance between finding sufficient shade, drink and food, desperately trying to keep track of when we are due to head through the Gate for some fighting/adventure, meetings in various places (YMMV - depends on which parts of the game you poke, but everyone is welcome to spectate Senate sessions for example), trying to participate in orc nation stuff: rituals (as a non-ritualist they are still excellent fun as you get to RP hearing pesky ancestors), watching as many pit-fights as possible (the General fight on Friday will be good), and the landsmeet (usually around sunset or just before on Saturday).

My daughter (7.5 yrs old) may or may not be along as a human orphan but there have been kids in the orc camp most events (some with masks and some without) and if you need help with absolutely anything during the event you have only to ask and there will be willing hands.

Look forward to meeting you both, feel free to pm me on fb if you want,