So Rings?

So I am pretty confused when it comes to rings, this will no doubt sound very silly, I would just rather be sure is all.

So can the rings I will wear, be any type and style I want (Within reason of course) Plain gold/silver bands for example?

Thanks in advance for any answers.

You can wear what you like, where you like.

A plain band works fine to signify something like a childhood friendship but doesn’t work quite so well to signify membership of the super secret Wendigo cult tasked by the Thule with kidnapping senators. (Shout out to all my cult homies out there!)

I see…

So the ring system works on the basis of the fancier the ring the more important the bond is?

The wiki says that symbols or materials might have a certain significance, so I like to think that the appearance of the ring says something about who the bond is too, rather than the strength of a bond .

It’s not so much importance as it is that the rings themselves are a language/code.

Yes… my ring with the big ass Fox head on it is code. A subtle, subtle code… :slight_smile:

This page which I found today is super useful. … the_League

Shhh, don’t give them any hints Cap’n Gabe!