So, The Long Dark Approachs

So What is your down season project/s?

My own is to make new slashed hose and vest to keep them up. (I’m an oddly shaped giant so most trousers don’t fit right/shirts aren’t long enough). #nations:the-league #Fasion is virtuous
I’m thinking dark grey/midnight blue and royal purple.


I mean to build a stand for my priest cope, like an armour stand but for priest accoutrements. :slight_smile:


I am looking at League fashions too. One idea I have as a Sarvosan is trying to work out how to incorporate mirror ‘shards’ into a codpiece, for example. In any case, avoiding red/black colour schemes is a big part of my current fixation.

I did get a whole load of cream fabric with some lovely low-key (well, low-key for League) gold embroidered patterns on it. I need to work out what to do with it.


trying to make a trade book for everything. and i mean everything not just IC items

I’ve been working on IC pamphlets on Imperial Lore for each of the realms (mostly so I can learn about them better!), complete with suggestions on which astronomantic constellations to invoke for each ritual.

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having seen a recent picture of myself (thanks oliver facey :wink: ) complete overhaul of my kit.

New over coat
Armour upgrade
New tunic
Something to hang around my waist
belt loops for my skirt
re make and embroider my stole
dog tags for the rest of the group

oh and saving up to have my tents cleaned/ patched re waterproofed.


How about some tarnished silver/metal?
rather than glass shards on clothes; take a aluminium coke can (The edges are not sharp when cut with snips) or an old platter from a charity shop?,. open it up sand some to rough it up then a little boot black? Could work well

It is not too hard to get the mirror pieces, so I am more worried about aesthetics actually. I am not sure I can go on the field for a while, so I don’t need to worry about making my codpiece combat-safe, but combat clothing is a whole other category anyway…

I’m working on an archery quiver for Larp and field archery, just need to finalise the pattern because I’m storing fletches first for the former and points first for the latter. Need a bit more room at the midsection and I need to decide on how I’m going to carve it / finish it.

I’m meant to be overhauling my entire costume, but considering that it’s almost December, and I’m moving in January, and I don’t even know what I want let alone have started yet…

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I have a stupid idea to totally overhaul my kit and no way do I have time.