So what do you still have to do before Empire 1?

So it’s 8 whole days to go before the first Empire of the year, so what do you all still need to get done before you hit the field? :slight_smile:

For me it’s about 8 letters, so people know in advance that I’m going to be tracking them down to talk to them in game. Oh yes and that whole washing kit and packing stuff malarkey…

I should probably clean the mud off my leather gaiters from last year too :blush:


We have recently picked up a new group member, so I need to make a few props to make sure she is properly included.

And, me too, a couple of letters, but I can’t quite get in the headspace yet.

Sorting through and packing kit, it’s been hibernating in a shed all winter.
Got 3 hoods to make for folk who are collecting on the field - that was unexpected!
Hemming the edges and adding loops and a name to a map of the Empire when it arrives. I got this, I think.


Check that kit still fits and is clean.
Round up all the props and similar.
Check that all the big bits of stuff fit in the new car.
Write down some of the more complex plans.
Make a pennant for new IC tent?
Make IC notes to be found on dead monsters (“Have planned retirement”, “If you are reading this letter you accept full responsibility for my collection of fleas”, “Dear Mum, I hope to get leave for your birthday…”)

Locate and test-fit tow-line, place in drivers-side door.
Acquire passenger to keep me from frothing off the road on the way there or falling asleep on the way back.


Please do this. <3 <3


Relearning how to pack our new car with a largely increased amount of kit. I discovered yesterday our tent fits perfectly into the spare wheel compartment in the boot…we don’t need a spare wheel right?

Get some of the sealant foam stuff instead? Takes up less space, probably more use in an actual emergency…

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Banner for shiny new IC tent - the Diora Anatomists’ Fraternity finally have something a little more suitable for entertaining, so I should probably pretty it up some

Various educational and enlightening pamphlets from Marisa’s research


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1: Not panicking
2: Getting my last few bits of character kit together and packed
3: Getting together whatever I can for EMU stuff
4: Not panicking
5: Making travel arrangements worryingly late
6: Making sure my weapons are as safe as I can make them for weapon checking
7: Getting survival stuff worryingly late

9: Working out how you pronounce Brass Coast names. Is the i silent?

  • Going out at the weekend to get a Generic Tunic Style Thing for EMU.

  • Throwing kit together, make sure everything is cleaned and ready

  • Finish off ritual mask

  • Dig out and put together makeup for EMU character

  • Write some more calligraphy stuff if I get the chance

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  • Proofread and print pamphlets.
  • Send IC letters to people that I promised (they are all “could you send me a copy of X thing you wrote” so shouldn’t take too much brain).
  • Sort out what clothes I’m going to take to Empire.
  • Write packing list, and get started on it.
  • Check that my tent’s actually been aired, and frantically try to sort it out this weekend if not. (I think it has.)
  • EDIT: hope the gavel I just won on eBay arrives on time. :smiley:

8 DAYS?? I still have to find a Volhov hat… >.<

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Buy a golden hare :wink:


Gavel is for beating sense into Visionaries?

Will be my first Empire event and I’m sewing together my costume over the Easter weekend. Haven’t actually used a sewing machine for ten or so years, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

(Turning up in a burlap sack is a totally safe plan B, right?)

  • Finish a tunic
  • finish 24 more monster belt sashes
  • clean and reapply water proofing to the tent.
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Actually finish writing my plots.

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Cross pack from other system character kit everything that also applies to Empire character.
Print more copies of song book
Another layer of waterproofing on my boots

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Oh yes, boots. I need to do mine too, thank you for the reminder. :slight_smile:

Well my gaiters currently sit in the bath, still with mud from last event on them. At some point I shall go clean and polish them…

And I should apply polish/dubbing to both pairs of boots. But stuff and packing is happening :slight_smile:

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