So what do you still need to pack?

So yeah, E3 at the end of the week. That’s coming up rather fast isn’t it :scream:.

For me past Mark has at least done me a solid and has two Really Useful Boxes where most of my kit lives.

…I still need to pack all the actual soft kit I took out to wash though so it’s ready for 9am Thursday when I go pick up the kit van :slight_smile: . I should at least grab a bunch of stuff out of the wardrobe while I think of it.

So how’s things where you’re at :rofl:


…everything :sweat_smile:

Being serious, most of it lives in the same boxes all the time, except my soft kit in the wardrobe. HOWEVER, we only have a car this time instead of the van, so I’m going to need to do some repacking to ideally get the number of boxes down! Thankfully it all lives in the same place, so going through it shouldn’t be too hard, it’s just finding the time.

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All packed, sans running kit for Friday morning and the travel nibbles

…also, tent and armour stuff is planned and with relevant parties.

It feels odd as I’ve less jam to bring this time due to my own planning failures.


Packed? Some of it isn’t yet made!

(ices another score gingerbread Druj)

A lot of kit is in bags and boxes, cleaned and packed safely after last time. I know where it all is, I just need to pack it all…


Good point! I still have honey rum to bottle…

Still sewing…


Glad I’m not the only one.

What’s made is boxed and ready, but I hope to have a couple more tunics put together and then find a way to hide my Navarr tattoos in case I need to monster as yegarra.


Got myself anti big stuff I still need to pack!

Hydrocortisone, insect deterrent, tick removal kit, sanitising alcohol

Still got to do a velvet wrapping on the handle for one of my swords too