So what have you forgotten to pack?

As a rule I find that I usually forget to bring at least one thing to Empire, once I forgot to bring my tent which led to an interesting event. So what are you going to forget to bring to Empire this time? :slight_smile:

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Sun-cream. This will ensure days of glorious sunshine and no rain or mud.


IC writing kit and songbook, because they are being used and therefore not with my kit…

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All of my weapons.

They are currently in my parents spare room, roughly halfway between my house and the site. I predict I will forget to stop by and pick them up.


I’m still really paranoid one of these events I’m going to forget my horns.

(At least if it was this event I could just turn up with absurd head injuries)

I have this fear too.

Hopefully nothing but probably my tankard and eating utensils again. Though I’m determined to remember them this time because not being able to put down my drinking horn does get annoying.

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Cooking stove
At a Maelstrom a few years back, I once packed a big box of food, several gas bottles but forgot to pack the gas stove itself.

I have an embarrassing number of these. I put it down to being someone who has LARPed for about 15 years, but often only makes one or two events a year.

I am convinced I’ve forgotten something important. Earlier today i thought I had lost my make up bag. Horns are packed though and weapons are in the pile.

I guess that i have everything

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I’ve managed to leave my waterproofs a hundred miles away, so that’s fun. Forgotten things before even getting to the event!

Oh no! They are an important thing!

I’m genuinely considering not going because I don’t know if I can afford new ones and my Freeborn trousers have a big tear up the crotch which I forgot about. And this weather is awful.

I’ll PM you, I’m sure we can fix this.

Noodle - I have more harem pants than anyone needs (4 pairs for my ODC character!). Should fit anyone under a size 16 and 5’6’’, and it’s trivial to chuck a couple of pairs in my bag. Would not need them back. Let me know if you’d like them :slight_smile:

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I’m a little bit taller than that, unfortunately - more around the region of 5’ 10-5’11"!

If you like you could send them to me and I could look to repair them.

Pillows. I forgot pillows.

Any report on the weather and/or mud levels there?

At E1 this year I forgot my frog, but was able to buy an even better one on sight for the same amount as the one I’d forgotten.

At E2 I actually managed to forget my sleeping bag. My first night was spent periodically waking up to put on a few more layers in order to stay warm. By the morning I was wearing pretty much every piece of my costume as well as several of the under layers I’d brought with me. :grimacing:

Was on site til 6pm yesterday, ground was good, able to drive onto the IC field.