Social Media, Other Than National (Conclave in particular)

Been reading a lot about the game and am considering what it would mean to come (some travel involved). One of the things I’m curious about - I see the National facebook groups. Also read over some of the past-event records for things like Senate and Conclave activity.

I’m wondering if there are other resources to engage with the identity of the various Conclave orders, beyond their wiki entries. Facebook groups, records of their particular activities (apart from Grandmaster elections), or anything like that?

Not to my knowledge. There are a few smaller FB groups, but I know PD are keen to avoid having too many as they all need moderation.


PD actually asks people not to create IC forums or groups for " any of the core Imperial political bodies - the the Senate, Synod, Bourse, Military Council and the Conclave" to try and make sure the game stays live on the field. Not much else to talk about OOC so there aren’t much in the way of social media for them.

But you can read all the records for the Conclave and Senate in the Recent History section of the wiki which should keep you busy :slight_smile:.

Other things you could do, potentially write an IC letter to the Grandmasters of the orders if you can find contact details for them. Be be aware they are players so getting a reply depends on their keen and how busy they are.


Thanks for the replies! I kind of figured, but thought I would check if I was missing something.

I did scan over the Recent History section going back a couple of years, at least for the Conclave. Unfortunately, while I think I can see hints of story happening (382 autumn, the incumbent for Master of Ice and Darkness is replaced - then they become Archmage of Summer?) it is, as it seems designed to be, a fairly dry rendering of events … and I’m hunting for meaty character activity compelling enough to bring me a fair distance to play the game.

Maybe another way to look at this would be - are there podcasts or other ‘dramatic retelling’ sort of formats, that don’t create the online IC dialog that PD are trying to avoid, but can still shed some more light on what really goes on in a Conclave session/with the Orders? (I found a couple of podcasts that look at other aspects of the game, so far nothing for this)

Not really to my knowledge. There are a couple of retrospective podcasts but they tend to be out of character chats, rather than in character stuff.

Due to all the politics Empire players tend to try to not discuss in-game happenings online. If you share in character stuff online it sort of breeches the ‘no plot online’ rules.


One thing that might be worth looking at is the Winds of Fortune as you can see how various things conclave has had had to deal with were decided and what the results were. Things like,_out_of_chaos

You might need to dig a bit more as you go back as originally they didn’t tag them with who might be interested, but hey they have done for the last year or two. Should give you an idea of what is talked about at least.

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Thanks, definitely missed this one!

I can’t think of any use for an OOC group. The main reason for OOC FB groups for player groups is logistics, and that’s dealt with by PD crew. Also anything members of a group really need to know can be posted on FB and anyone not on FB will have someone they know in the group who can pass it on, anything people need to know across a large chunk of the PD playerbase needs to be sent in an email update anyway.

The nation and lineage groups are useful for costume advice.

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