Sold or given into Slavery

Hi, I’m currently trying to rework my backstory, I was wondering, would an act like selling a child to the barbarian orcs as a slave be an act that criminals of the empire might do? I know that the orcs take slaves but would they buy/accept them from a citizen of the empire?

Failing that do orcs send scouting parties into the empire that might take a child as a slave if they came across them? (In my backstory I never actually live as a slave, something intervenes to save me from that life as I thought I was probably making my story more complex than it needed to be and would have me going into the game with emotions towards certain ideas and people that might hinder my experience)

Sorry for the long message and sorry if this is something that I should have emailed PD about rather than post on here haha.

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to answer you questions in order:
Yes. So much yes. Slavery is very very illegal. Wether or not orcs would purchase citizens depends on the orcs. The Grendel would probably be the most likely to do so as they love trade, money and slavery.

Raiding parties are fairly common in the Empire and it would be entirely possible that a child would be taken in a raid. Again though, it depends on the orcs as to the nature of this capture.

Dont worry about questions! We love answering them here! What nation are you thinking about? We might be able to help you a bit with the backstory if you want.

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Ahh thank you very much for the reply and I’m thinking of playing in Wintermark.

Grendel raiding parties have hit most of the south coast in living memory, at one point or another.

Particularly Urizeni and Brass Coast lands.

Assuming you never actually ended up as a slave, how about this:

Captured as child in Spiral. About to be shipped as a slave back to Dubhtraig (Grendel capital). Rescued by Imperial forces. Decides to join Wintermark instead of Urizen, a long way from any Grendel or the Black Plateau or any need to restrain their temper :slight_smile:

@Sentinel If you’re sold on the slavery item in your backstory and you want to play wintermark then you may want to be one of the winterfolk slaves purchased back from the Thule in the last few years in the run up to the signing of the Liberty pact

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A lot of it depends on which orc tribe is involved. Thule keep slaves, but are now at “peace” with the empire so there have been limited exchanges/releases of slaves. Druj tend to torture their slaves until they’re completely broken, Grendel will buy/trade anything and use a lot of slaves in their society.

There’s also the Jotun (who Wintermark have also been fighting a fair bit), who often take their defeated enemies as Thralls. You could reasonably work any of those options into a back story.

Thank you all for the info, feedback and suggestions :slightly_smiling_face: definitely appreciated.

I’m a bit late but the Thule just gave back a load of slaves as part of a treaty most of those where Wintermark and Varushkan. That might give you a reason to be back in the Empire now.

About a year ago, between the Autumn and Winter events (E4 and E1), the Empire sent a massive raiding party into the Grendel capital. Many buildings were burned, many ships were sunk and many slaves would have been liberated. This was one of those once-in-a-generation moments when all of the loyal nations of the empire banded together in the Bay of Catazzar and went hunting.

If you had been recently liberated, that’s a pretty big event you could tie into your backstory.