Solo looking for group

I have been to a few events now and while I am loving it there are times when I am feeling a little lost with just me. If there are any groups open to a nightmage with a love of coins I would love to join or even just get to know people more so I feel less alone.

Have you tried the Empire Lrp Navarr face book group? More people frequent there than here and your likely to be bombarded in offers if you put the up there. Also are you currently in a coven? Is the ritual game your only game? Do you brokers or trade? How do you feel about fighting?

Edit: also do you camp IC?

To iterate on Ferrus above say hi on our facebook group.

If you want to be in a striding with night magic then say hi to Nighthaven, or I know a very friendly night ritualist at the Splintered Spear striding.

The best thing you could do though is asking around and talking to these people during an event so you can see if you like them, as much as if they like you :slight_smile: