Solo rituals

So, probably a bit late but hey-ho… My previous character was very fond of casting “Bull’s Strength” on folk who could fork up the mana crystal (or even just a contribution) I think I had maybe 2 or 3 such castings witnessed by a Ref (all were reported at the earliest opportunity though) just spotted that this appears to be against the rules as all rituals (apart from a few Battlefield ones) need witnissing? Is this still true? I mostly ask for future planning as, frankly, finding a ref for each casting would have been a pain in the ass for all concerned and does seem like a bit of a waste of everyones time. No ref i ever expressed concern so i basically assumed it was only covern rituals that needed a ref :frowning:

All enchantments need to be reported to a referee as soon as possible, and ideally done with a ref present.

This is because enchantments don’t stack and have persistent effects: we need to have an accurate idea of which effects a character is under, and when those were placed.

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thanks Tea, thought this was the case but while re-reading the rules I worried myself that cast and then report might be being a bit naughty :confused: