Some new Imperial Titles

Here’s a note by Stephen Kirkbride about a bunch of new titles being elected at the next event.

Hey folks!

A number of title pages have recently been added to the wiki. I’m going to quickly go through what each title does, how to maybe get elected, and if the title might encourage the kind of game you might be after.

The first three are elected by the Senate. They will be announced at the first session (22:00 Friday), with elections taking place at the second session (16:00 Saturday). All you need to do to get nominated is to convince a single senator to nominate you, then all you need to do to get elected is to convince a majority of the senate to vote for you. Easy, right?

Imperial Spymaster

Responsible for organising Imperial spy networks, including being able to organise building, and destroying, them. Can also make an address to the Military Council to keep them up to date with spying and what not.

Imperial Advisor for the Feni

Can do historical research (along with minister for historical research, advisor on the vallorn and senators). Also responsible for doing a diplomacy with the Feni.

Voice of Liberty

Responsible for representing the Empire in meetings with the rest of the signatories of the International Liberty Pact. Can also submit amendments to the Liberty Pact (with the help of a senator).

Imperial Necromancer

Conclave title!
Anyone can put in a declaration of candidacy for this new title. In order to put in a Declaration of Candidacy you need to go to the Hub, and ask for a Conclave civil servant, who will be able to guide you through the process. The deadline for putting in a Declaration for the first session is 20:00 for Friday, ready or the Conclave at 21:00. All you need to get elected is to convince a majority of the Conclave that you’re better for the job than any other candidates.

It lets you organise which covens get to use the Imperial regio during the last 30 minutes of the hour long window that the Whispers through the Black Gate ritual can be cast.