++Some stuff about Plenipotentiary++


Last year, the award-winning David Kibblewhite told me I had to write some guidelines about using the plenipotentiary power or else stop complaining about how hard it was writing that wind of fortune forever. I paraphrase only slightly.

I’ve finally written those guidelines up. Because the language is a bit informal, and because I’m worried some of my prejudices are showing, I’ve put them up as a blogpost rather than a design page on the wiki.

You can find the piece here → Dealing with the Eternals | Wulfboyraff

While the specifics are about plenipotentiary, the general guidelines I talk about are relevant to any sort of message you send to an eternal - or indeed the in-character mail you send to any non-player character.

We really ought to do a podcast about eternals at some point. I’ll add it to the list of things to do.

(The picture is from the Colouring Book of Eternals, written and illustrated by Christopher Hoyle)