Song - Tom Drake

Here is a song that I have done about Tom Drake’s fight against Alderei the Fair based off of the Chumbawumba’s recording of Smashing of the Van;

It’s the first song I’ve made so it’s pretty rough (especially the first verse) with the wording of it and the rhyming so would be very open to people commenting and suggesting ways for improvement. Also, feel free to take it and use it, it would make be very happy if someone with a better voice than mine did a recorded version of it.

Attend you loyal soldiers and try to stay awake
I’ll sing to you the story of the death of good Tom Drake
It’s of a gallant hero who did so bravely fight
To release the poor Varushkans from an awful wicked blight
The first year of 'r Empire, it was in that dreadful time
When Alderei the Fair did commit a most dreadful crime
At a gathering of the wise ones they talked throughout the night
And sent ol Tom Drake Marcher to face their wicked blight

Hurrah! He fought for freedom
He fought with heart and hand
May we be thankful for Tom Drake
Who helped to smash the blight

The Empire was forming and so they did all agree
Varushka and its people should have their liberty
They drank a health to the Empire and soon prepared their might
To meet the enemy on the road and fight and end the blight


With courage bold those heroes fought and soon the blight did scare
The Urizen did come to aid, their magics oh did flare
Tom was swinging strong and hard, oh it was a most bloody fight
So Tom swung his blade, his point thrust true and so did end the blight


So now kind friends I will conclude I think it would be right
That all true hearted warriors together should unite
Together should sympathise my friends and do the best we might
To keep the memories evergreen of Tom Drakes bold and final fight