Songs and Stories Time

Every evening, from an hour before sunset (7pm-ish this weekend) until at least an hour after (9 pm-ish), we will have songs and storytelling around the open fires in the middle of the woods.

Because people will have “other stuff to do”, Friday evening will have an emphasis on sharing, learning and airing/trying out new material, arrangements and collaborations. Saturday & Sunday would be more towards the sing-along, showcase and/or jam.

I’ll be doing other musical stuff at other times, but this is a guaranteed place and time for stuff of a musical, poetical and prosaic nature to happen. Please come join in if and when you are free.

Also, I heartily encourage you to bring drinks, dinner and snacks to eat and even share.

A few things for the coming of Spring:

  1. Songs and Stories time will be happening for two hours over sunset (8pm to 10pm) around the communal fire every night except Saturday because of The Welcoming.

  2. Songs and Stories time will also happen about an hour after our battle. I’ll do a shout around when we are starting.

  3. Part of the Welcoming will be a tour of the nations where we will do contests, songs, dance, stories and fire performance. I’ll be heading up songs and stories. I’m looking for people to lead on a piece and/or join in on choruses. I have a few songs that have easy to join in parts, so all abilities are very welcome.

  4. The Navarr music page on the wiki is one of the most populated. Most songs now have a link to media. Please check it out: … varr_music

Jamie Wakefield
Navarr Nation Bard