Sovereigns and personal plot

Hello heroes

After a great and informative E1 im ‘restarting’ in The League with a character from Temeschwar.

I read a vague suggestion of a sovereign being involved in the city and wondered how it would work with the following idea:

I want to give my combat skilled dude a wrinkle by being an artist, and like the idea of having their dreams and art influenced in a lovecraftian fashion.

This would be soft plot for me to create some mystery. Im wondering if thats something that a) would be ok to invent/gels with the nature of a sovereign b) cool to develop myself with maybe talking to PD later on if it develops into something that could be plot for others - like a cult etc.

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I think it works as an idea BUT I would say that it’s worth dropping an email to PD before you go for it - normally you can invent things within reason, but if it’s one that is already mentioned somewhere then they may already have things defined or in motion for it. It may even be a slightly different creature now that Temeschwar isn’t in Varushka! You can contact them at to check!