Spears: Make or buy

HI, just wondering if anyone has any tips on how to make a decent looking single handed spear that is LRP safe, or where to buy one. Any replies would be appreciated.

Saxon Violence, Irregular Props and Gems trading all do thrust safe spears. These guys are awesome traders and make awesome kit,

otherwise none thrust safe i’d advice eldritch, having a larp, and most the traders that do weapons.

My best advice, go round the stores and try them out and ask for quotes. Specially if you want thrust safe.

Saxon Violence makes hands down the best spears currently on the market, in my opinion. He normally has stock on Gem’s Trading, or can be contacted directly through Facebook/email for commissions. Very professional, very reliable, very high quality.

Making your own single-handed spear is a difficult task, since it has to be thrust safe. I would really not recommend doing so unless you’re already quite experienced making LRP weaponry. It will cost you about as much as just buying one in materials and tools, is quite difficult to do safely, and will almost certainly not be as nice as the purchased model.


I tested pretty much every type of thrust-safe spear going before buying mine and I found Saxon Violence to be hands-down the best for balance, build, and look. In particular, their spears are less ‘thick and chunky’ than many others, making them both more realistic-looking and easier to handle if you don’t have massive hands.
They have many designs to choose from and are usually (always?) present at Empire events so you can try the wares.