Spells and their Practical Applications

So, you have decided to become a Mage. You have picked up your skills, but then you look at the Spells section on the Wiki and discover you need a brief, slightly sarcastic synopsis of how they work, and how they are useful to you?

Well, that’s what I’m doing, so shush peanut throwers!

Heal- Heal is one of the most effective spells in the Empire system, and for good reason! You can heal quicker than a physic, and with more efficiency than someone with measly hero points! Additionally, the difference between Swift Heals and Slow Heals is big enough they are basically separate spells! Swift Heals need the “Bit of roleplay” before casting, and takes 2 Mana, while Slow heals, which take 30 seconds, restore ALL hits and costs only one mana.

Important things to know are detailed below:

  • You can cast this with a Stave, which means that if someone has gone down behind enemy lines, you can swift heal them back up and they can book it
  • You can cast this on yourself, and if you do a slow heal during a period where you have the time, you can come back into the fight with renewed Vigour!
  • This spell will not cure a cleaved limb, so remember to be standing by to help someone who has taken a cleave

Restore Limb- This spell fixes a single limb, and is vastly important during retreats as losing a leg while everyone is getting to the gate sucks a lot… IT DOESN’T FIX STRIKEDOWN. Also, see above for how casting times work. You will also be competing with Osscean Solutions, as they can do this job for you

Important things to know are detailed below:

  • You are a mage. You will get cleaved more than the Grendel Embassy, so don’t be afraid to cast it on yourself! You are more important than your mana!
  • This spell is covered by Physic skills, so the only time this is super useful is on retreats, so this won’t see as much use as Heal and Offensive Spells

Purify- This spell is garbage if we are being truthful, as it gets rid of Weakness and Venom, but potions and healers do it better and quicker. Also, swift casting it on someone who is entangled or paralyzed is a waste of mana. It has its uses, but that doesn’t mean they come up often.

Mend- This spell is situational at best, and is only useful when Heralds or Epic Creatures are about, but it puts in work when they are! Shatters mess with any attempt at battling, so its not worth a skill point, but a wand that can cast it is a smart idea

Night Pouch- BAG OF HOLDING. Not worth picking up unless you are a diplomat or trader who needs to spend points somewhere, but B A G is good to have, especially if you are in Navaar!

Speak to the Dead- Lets you speak to someone who has died, but is still on the field. Only useful for Sherlock Holmes or Militia Officers

Repel- Hit someone with this, then run away! Also useful for opening the shield wall and getting skirmishers off of your back. Cheap as frick, and good combat spell go brrr

Entangle- Some people will say this is the cheaper version of Paralyse, and have to disagree, purely because this will smash the line, because it goes through Shields! Stick people to the ground, then smack em about!

Paralyse- Rich persons Entangle, freezes them entirely

Venom- MURDER the spell, only useful if you like killing things extra hard or Vallorn

Weakness- Super useful when fighting someone with calls, lets you turn off peoples powers, but useless when fighting someone with Raw Skill, and some players will just ignore it. This will end a mage if its cast on them.

Empower- See, this spell seems like it should be amazing, but it isn’t, and is SO situational its just scuffed. The only time it is useful is when you have a SOIM and you can’t hit anything so you make the clank hit stuff.

Guess what, I missed my favourite spell!

Also, you are a battlemage, so know who to go for and what spells to use!

  • Archers- They can insta-drop you with a arrow, and dodging is your only option. Having a shield can circumvent this, but leave these to the Clank
  • Shield Users- Unless you have Repel, Shatter or Entangle, it isn’t worth fighting these, as you need to hit them to apply any other spell, but most of the time its a fair fight
  • Polearm/Great Weapons- Probably the fairest fight you can get, as its like fighting another mage that might turn around and IMPALE you, but if you hit them with a tasty SHATTER they have to turn around and book it!
  • One weapon/ Sword and Buckler- Look, unless you are facing the greatest swordsman in the Empire, you are going to win this because you have a reach advantage and a Call advantage. Hit them with a SHATTER or ENTANGLE and its a wrap
  • Another Mage- You both can’t instant kill, but a call on either of you and its a expenses paid vacation to the floor
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To clarify a couple of vague points…

Yes you can cast it at long range by prodding someone with a stave, but it’s still a touch effect. So you have to be able to poke them with the staff :stuck_out_tongue:
Yes you can cast it on yourself, but not when you’re bleeding out yourself. So if you’re in 1 hit, great. If you’re on 0 hits, scream and get someone else to heal you.

Restore Limb: Great on limbs, but as above if you’ve got cleaved to the back (through your mage armour), you can’t cast.

Purify is situational. But it can be useful.

Swift castings of all the above are useful tools to have available.
EG: X is down, we need them up in 5 seconds, no physicks/potions to hand.

I think I’ve used Swift Purify more than regular Purify though… :stuck_out_tongue:

You have missed my favourite:

this will break a weapon or shield. It thus can’t be parried. If they parry with their body, you don’t lose the mana and do them 1 point with the blow. Which is good, as at 2 mana this is an expensive offensive spell.
Good vs tower shields, polearms, and great weapons especially. A couple of calls of this can cause your opponents to be very cautious. More calls of this can cause a shieldwall to retreat. This is one of the better uses of crystal mana for casting on the battlefield, as breaking a line can be worth it…

My record is 10 castings in under 2 minutes :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah, i knew i forgot something, i shall add it to the post!

I disagree on Restore Limb being less useful, when I had it it was my most cast spell my a mile on the battlefield. You can fast cast it, so that means it gets you up off the ground when cleaved a lot quicker than any other method. Also Strikedown is a lot less common as a call compared to Cleave for NPC orcs on the battlefield, probably as it can be made by a much wider selection of weapons.

Purify - again can be insanely useful in some situations, especially when going up against Druj or Vallorn who can have various ways of doing Mass Venom. And a mage with purify and a mage blood or two that you have is more useful than potions you don’t have. Also a mage purifying you from behind means you’re not taking your eyes off the enemy or needing to step back while taking a potion.

Empower not as situational as you say, what it needs is some people you’re used to working with as a team. I’ve seen one clanky person with a spear and a battlemage with this and a staff just butcher their way through waves of monsters at a player event. And as you need to work with people on the battlefield as a mage anyway it’s good practice to have some people around you who know what you can do and how they can work with you.

Venom - Yes is situational, but on a skirmish verses Vallorn you become unto a biotic god :laughing: Making Briar Vallorn explode with a single touch is just super fun. Yes you are the glassiest of glass cannons but it’s so worth it :wink: . Also as you can cast it with a wand it’s a useful thing to have in your toolbox for personal defence should that ever be necessary.

Weakness on the battlefield you’ll be using this for hunting “High value targets” so yes situational, but having a few mages with this are super useful on a kill squad vs folk like Heralds, Mages, Jotun Heroes and various other kinds of folk who can really ruin your sides day. Also really not useful to say “don’t take this because people cheat” that’s very much a personal oppinion and not a universal truth. Most people do make an effort when they’re monstering to take their calls in my experience so YMMV.

My main piece of advice for battlemages is always go with a Staff rather than Rod and Shield, as that tempts you into thinking that you can join the front lines and then you get cleaved to the leg repeatedly. I would always recommend using a mages staff for the reach and it keeps you very aware of your vulnerabilities. Beyond that your best friend is situational awareness and as always having some actual friends :slight_smile: .


It’s not entirely clear what you mean by heal not “fixing” strikedown, since there are no lingering effects from that call?

Having played a long running battle mage, I’d echo Mark in that restore limb is way more useful than suggested. Primarily for personal use though, as the ability to effectively cancel a cleaved leg or arrow to the arm was literally life saving on many occasions.

Also I’d dispute venom as the murder spell. The reduced bleed count is nice, but that’s still 30 seconds of screaming while you leg it.
Executing the victim takes 5 seconds and puts them all the way to dead, so it’s arguably safer. (Unless you’re planning on a “friendly fire in battle” incident where you obviously can’t do something so obvious.)

Now paralysis? That’s the murder spell. One on one this should always be a kill shot if it lands, 10 seconds of uninterrupted wailing on your opponent should give you at least 8 damage plus the 1 from the hit that delivered the spell. If you can’t win with a 9 damage head start, maybe start running.

This goes double if you’re fighting with friends who know how to capitalise, nothing leaves a target as completely defenceless. (Although you need to watch out that they don’t have a healer friend with purify. :wink: )


I got told some funny rules about Strikedown once, wanted to make sure no one else had got them!

Its a good spell, but i personally haven’t used it much so i can’t echo its usefulness. Also, the Armor update has mean that ruined limbs aren’t as common on line fighters, but using it on yourself is practical!

You should put Restore Limb in Bold so it matches headings.

Heal: Heal can ONLY be cast with a staff as ‘Swift Heal’. Normal casting requires touch-range throughout the 30s cast.

Restore Limb: from playing a physick back in the day, this is an absolute MVP as swift-Restore stops people getting left behind in a retreat. Even many clanky people dont wear leg armour. I would always use the 2 min limb fix if I had time, but my supply of Mazzarine for a 30s fix was limited. Restore is great because you can recharge your mana before each Skirmish/Battle. Mazzarine or potions are a one time thing, but a magician with Extra Mana pays off to the value of 4+ herbs a skirmish.

Night Pouch: You can use Secrets for the Shadow Courier to get a 1-year version of this for 2 mana plus labour costs. So it’s low-priority for most mages.

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