Spring Solstice 2015 Monster Slots

Hi PD have just released the timings for the monster slots for the next event.

The Brass Coast - Sat 14:00
Imperial Orcs - Sat 14:00
Wintermark - Sat 15:00
Varushka - Sat 16:00
The Marches - Sat 17:00
Dawn - Sun 14:00
Urizen - Sun 14:00
Navarr - Sun 15:00
Highguard - Sun 16:00
The League - Sun 17:00

These are in addition to the battles on the Saturday and Sunday of the event.

“Monstering during this slot is purely voluntary - but it will help us put on a much better event for everyone. To try and make things as fair as possible, our plan is to track the number of volunteers coming from each nation on an ongoing basis and use that to create equivalent sized quest opportunities for those nations at the next event. In effect, we’ll try and deliver more fights to the nations that volunteer the most - on the assumption that those nations contain the players who want those opportunities the most.”

This general guide to monstering for Empire covers all the basics of monstering and what you’ll need to bring with you.