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Hi there Guys,

I’m planning on attending with a group of friends for E1 2020. we’re going Wintermark and considering starting a banner for us as a group.
I’ve had a look through the guides for equipment and the feel and look of Wintermark characters (specifically a Steinr banner bearer as that will be my character’s background and archetype)
part of my character’s back story is that he went travelling around the empire (specifically dawn, the marches, Highguard and the Brass coast) before settling back down in his ancestral homeland.

As a result he’s taken a shine to the metallic plate armour employed typically in Dawn and Highguard.
I’ve come up with ways to give this a more Wintermark appearance in order to set them aside from the aforementioned nations but adding fur trims and possibly some runes, as well as the fact it will not be a full set of plate armour, keeping in line with the layering look that Wintermark prefers.
I realise that metal is generally used sparingly in terms of warfare for Wintermark and wanted to make sure this was a good enough IC reason to don the armour that i’m planning.

secondly, I’ve also seen mention of Rune plate however i’m currently under the assumption that it would be extremely on the nose for a new character to just “turn up” with a full set on, would this be correct? and would armour with runes be automatically considered rune plate?

apologies if this has already been covered but i couldn’t find anything in the forums or on the wiki regarding it
thanks in advance for any responses and assistance.

Okay, so:

  1. The general rule of thumb is to aim well inside the brief wherever possible. If you already have plate armour, then go for it - but if you’re buying new kit for a Wintermarker, it’s almost always the right call to get some heavy steel mail and some fancy bits of leather to go over the top.

  2. Runeplate is a magical item, which means they’re restricted and tracked IC. This is represented in the game with a ribbon that will be provided by PD for each set of the armour - whether it’s made by a player character, or looted from a monster on the battlefield, or acquired in some other way. Without the ribbon tied onto it, you don’t have the magic armour, no matter how fancy your kit looks.

  3. Starting with some magical items is possible if your character takes the Artisan skill, otherwise you’ll need to buy/acquire them in play.


Thanks for clarifying tea,

This was in line with what I suspected to be the case but just wanted to make sure I wasn’t making any erroneous assumptions.

The Egregore bond might make your character shy away from Dawnish and Highguard plate armour. I’m not super-familiar with the Wintermark costume brief, but I think they tend to prefer chainmail over plate armour.

Yeah, consider that just about every Winterfolk who has attended Anvil will have seen Dawnish and Highborn fighters in plate armour. It’s the nature of the egregore bond that if they do think “Huh, that looks pretty cool”, it will mostly likely be followed with “but totally weird” or “but not for me” or “but nowhere near as cool as real armour”.

Welcome along!

As already said the egregore bond would make you feel a bit out of place and stupid to wear a full set of plate in WM.

Steinr warriors prefer mail with leather over the top, mail is your good hold all armour anyway, fits virtually every nation so if you ever want change nation you can take your chain with you and repurpose it. Plus it’s always a larger coverage than plate armours and it’s generally cheaper for a full set of coverage (torso, shoulders, arms, thighs).

If you’re dead set on plate for the aesthetic are you dead set on WM? I’d whole heartedly encourage a group reading of all the national briefs before choosing, realistically you only fight 2 hours out of your weekend so it’s important to find areas of the brief you engage with other than “I’m a fighter”.

That said, I’m currently playing a WM banner bearer so if you’ve got any questions then please don’t hesitate to fire them over to me via PM


After all the useful advice above…

Welcome, to the game and the forums :slight_smile:

As mentioned, Wintermark tends to shy away from plate armour. And while you can certainly wear armour with runes on (and why not? they’re the Wintermark rune set!), that does not make that armour Runeplate, which is as tea has said, a specific magic item.

It is also one of the most potent (or at any rate, most expensive) suits of heavy armour in the system, and alas requires too many ingrediants to be available as a starting character.

If you played as an Artisan, you could start with some form of enchanted armour? I think the Goldentide Mail would be of suitable? (“Poison? What poison?”)

Thanks for all the help and suggestions guys!

what i’m taking away from this at the moment is runeplate is absolutely a no go at CC due to it being an extremely valuable magical item, And that due to the egregore bond it’s unlikely that a character from any nation will borrow or lend aesthetics from another nation.

my main reason for wanting plate over mail was due to weight issues but if i’m only going to be wearing combat kit for about 2 hours this mitigates any issues that arise as a result.

thanks again for the input and help!

Lets say you get some pretty standard, generic, chain maille. Nice, but not obviously affiliated with your character. And you play in Wintermark:
Wintermark’s battle: 2 hours
Wintermark monstering (you will likely be asked to be heavy infantry: another 2 hours
A skirmish you manage to get onto on the saturday (1 hour, including prep time)

5 hours of wearing chain… Sounds bad. It’s not.

Good chain maille should distribute the wieght pretty well. Like carrying a heavy backpack, as long as the straps and padding are good, you can go for quite some time.

Wear suitable padding underneath it. A gambeson, a heavy rugby shirt, there are even specific shoulder yokes of padding available.

Wear a good belt over the top. Wintermark displays a lovely range of “hero belts”, big wide ones with nice decoration. It does this for a reason, as properly attached, a belt will take some of the wieght onto you hips in the same way as a belt strap on a large backpack does.

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Yes, belts, yes. Belts for maille make the difference for me between wearable and not wearable. Get that weight off your shoulders and onto your hips! :slight_smile:

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