++Starting Something++


Good morning, and a happy Monday to you all! We’ve just put a new page live on the wiki that may be of interest to the history buffs in the audience.

Specifically, we’re added a bunch of details to the recenty created page for the First Empress, which you can find here: https://bit.ly/2XmuqRr

It’s been quite a long time coming, I’ll admit. The impetus to finally get it done came from some work done by James Blackshaw who undertook the arduous job of collecting all the references to the First Empress already on the wiki so that we could put them together and give some context to his important historical figure.

The page itself is only the first part of the project to give the First Empress the recognition she deserves. Our next job is to put together a “historical research” document using much more in-character language. We’re doing it this way because we have a lot more leeway to present “new” information through the established in-character mechanism of publishing the results of historical historical research document - like we did with People of the North (https://bit.ly/Northern_Types)

Anyway! Hopefully this long-overdue page will provide some of you with an interesting read.

(The delightful picture is taken from Steph Morris’ interpretation of the historical thrones)

(Oh - one last thing. We’ve tweaked the traditional colour of the First Empress’ horse - now with a name! - from grey to white or silver because it was pointed out to us that grey on black is not great heraldry if you want anyone to be able to see what you have on your shield, and also a little off-brief for Highguard with their ‘stark and contrasting colours’)

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