Staying Hydrated and Whatnot

Sorry to bring up an old topic, but how do players stay hydrated on the field in most cases? Do they need to bring IC water carriers or do they just gulp down lots in their tents and then do pit stop runs? Thanks for any help you can give.

In Anvil carry a cup. There are several leather workers who do tankard loops for your belt, and tankards and other cups that look the part can usually be found in charity shops fairly easily.

Fill up cup every time you go past a tap, or at almost anyone’s camp, water is free, most people will offer it, flavourings and other stuff will depend on hospitality and may cost, but you have those 18 rings.

Battlefield options usually need a bottle with a lid, water skin, or similar but there are plenty of ones available that look the part, and if you’re really stuck a plastic bottle in a hessian sack or neutral coloured sock will work fine!


You’ll need water in battle, or ask a physick who might be happy to have the healing game! My first event I carried a 1litre milk bottle in a black cotton bag turned inside out and hanging from my waist. Turned out to be soft enough when it bumped into me when I was running about. Nobody minded, and two people asked me if I could help them by giving them water (being visibly a physick with a big water bag). Which I did happily.

I’ve used a metal refillable bottle (£6 on ebay) the last two events in a bag and nobody minds that either, but as that can give a bruise from bumping I might go back to plastic and keeping it hidden in the bag.


One of the most effective ways to solve this is with a Darkblade bottle pouch. You throw a 500ml plastic bottle inside (water, sports drink, whatever) and have something easy to carry on your belt and easy to drink from. There are standpipes dotted around the field edges for refilling.