Staying on Site through Sunday Evening

The wiki mentions that if you turn up on Thursday, there is an additional charge of £5, but there seems to be no mention of whether one can stay on site Sunday evening and leave Monday morning.

In particular, are we allowed to leave our In-Character camp up over night on Sunday and strike it Monday morning? And if so, is there an additional charge.

I’ll email PD if no one knows, but I thought I’d ask here in case other groups already do this and know the answer.

You’ll have to email PD I think.

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There is this bit on the event information page:

“All players must be off site by the evening of the last day.”


Ah, thanks. I didn’t spot that.

I believe its do with the insurance (Please correct me if wrong) as they have a lot of large vehicles on site for take down.
If you have an actual issue with getting off site on Sunday I guess it couldn’t hurt to ask.

Yeah, I’ll send an email and see.

The issue is that we have to get back to Scotland, and striking camp plus the journey in one evening seems like a tight schedule. I know there are other groups from our neck of the woods, so presumably they have a strategy.

I think some people stay at hotels on Sunday night for this reason.