Staying the night

Becuase of how new I am to LARPing and Empire in general. I don’t tend to know anyone. That being said it means I have been a bit late with booking my Accommodation and since all of the IC tents are taken (unless someone wants to put up a humble noob High guard :smiley: ) I was wondering if anyone had a good link/knew what the closest hotel was to the site and if there is a mini bus service making rounds like there is for the train.
Please excuse me if I sound ridicules, thought I would ask forums before emailing admin desk.


There’s an out of character camp site, where you can put up modern tents, you don’t need to camp IC to camp.

Yeah, i know that, but that would imply I own a tent :smiley:

There is a Highguard Facebook group that may help, but I can’t guarantee anyone will have space in their tent.

There is a minibus to a from the train station I believe, but I’m fuzzy on the details.

Welcome to Highguard, we’re the best nation there is!

Options include:

  1. Book in at a local hotel (Premier Inn is possibly the cheapest, and still £170 for the weekend)
    There may well be a shuttlebus, or people also staying there and commuting (highly likely). This does have the issue of having to keep a lot of stuff off-site, and not going back for it all day.

  2. Ask around and see if anyone will indeed allow you to store stuff/sleep in their IC tent. Probably for a cheaper reward than £170… It’ll be noisier, and not as comfy, but you could probably find somewhere. Start by asking here or on facebook.

  3. Buy a tent for camping in OOC. You can get a small but effective pop-up job for £20 or much less. Halfords, bizarrely, does camping gear.

  4. Ask nicely and you may buy/hire a tent for minimal cost. Many LARPers have smaller tents that they may have outgrown (kit just keeps piling up…). If you find someone able to sling a little tent in their car or whatever, you might not even have to take it to/from the event.

There are, of course, other options.

Any preferences?

thanks a lot man I will ask around and see if I can come up with something and if it gets a bit late like you said a cheap popup tent could do the trick

Got instantly accepted, I will give it a try there and put up a post. Wish me luck :smiley:

I’d recommend seeing who you can borrow some camping gear from, you just need a tent, sleeping bag and a blow up matress, plus some blankets to insulate you from the ground.

You can pick up tents on e-bay for relatively cheap money so I’d start checking on there so you can get one sent to you in time. Argos also appear to be doing some decent offers, don’t go for the cheapest festival tents if you want them to last more than a summer but there’s some good deals there.

Pro tip: bacon leads to instant acceptance in Highguard.


Is there no extra cost to stay in the OOC camping area?

Time to stock up.

Nope the only extra cost is £5 if you arrive on the Thursday rather than the Friday. OOC camping comes with the ticket.

And while I think of it, here are a few useful articles about LARP and camping.

It should hopefully not be so cold as to need all of the advice in this one BUT even on a warm day if you’ve got a clear sky things can get very cold at night. So give it a read and see what bits you can use :slight_smile:.


Thank you, I will give them a read! i am so excited about my first event


if your young and willing to go hardcore, keep stuff in a friends tent. Blanket tent it.

Get a woollen blanket and cut a hole in each corner. Put two sticks to hold up, then put string on both sides to hold it out and peg the two holes so that you have a shelter half and just have a good layer of insulation or a good sleeping bag.

I strongly suggest not doing that unless you’re an experienced enough camper to not need our advice anyway.


As someone who has done Empire in a hammock, and happily sleeps out in a bivvy bag, I would strongly advise that you do not do this, especially for your first time camping.

People generally turn up to fest larp to roleplay. You will have far more fun roleplaying if you are warm, dry, and well slept. The articles linked above give good advice on doing this.

It will be colder than you think at night, especially sitting around outdoors after dark. Bring as much warm stuff as you can, including hat and gloves. Don’t worry about them being perfectly in character, it is better to be roleplaying whilst warm and dry, rather than immaculately dressed in the first aid tent with hypothermia. Remember only your outer layer needs to be IC, it is fine to pile on all the warm and waterproof modern clothing you can, then put a robe on top.


For out of character tents, I really like my Eurohike Avon. It fits two larpers plus all our kit, with a massive porch. It is relatively simple to put up, and robust - mine stayed up through Storm Katie at E1 2016. My previous one lasted ten years, bought a new one last year for £45.

Be warned, if you haven’t bought a tent before, the manufacturers always overestimate how many people can sleep in them. You’ll need at least two spaces per one larper - so ‘four man’ tent for two larpers.


this is good to know! thank you. do you tend to leave your OOC tent up through the whole weekend and it’s perfectly fine and safe?


Yes. I put my OOC tent up as soon as I get to site, leave stuff in there, and take it down after Time Out. Your OOC tent will probably only be a few minutes walk from the IC area, I go back to mine a few times a day, particularly for changing into warm clothes at dusk.

Make sure you can find your tent again, especially after dark. Sounds silly, but in a field full of hundreds of tents, you don’t want to lose yours!