Stories from the Spires

(If this counts as the wrong sort of OC post, please delete.)

I’ve been working on a collection of Urizen folk and fairytales while I’ve been away, to keep my keen up. I’ve adapted stories from Ireland, Japan, there’s even one I wrote myself. (There’s a greedy lizard. It’s cute.)

There will be gorgeous hand-bound books available from my group, Phoenix Reach, for a reasonable IC fee.

If there’s a good response I’d like to publish a second volume. Obviously I have some ideas already, but If anyone has any stories they’d like to see Urizenified or even collected from another nation, I’d love to hear your suggestions.

That sounds very interesting! Sadly I won’t be at the coming (Autumn) event, but I’ll be making enquiries IC.

I really wanted to get one of these from you, and then senate and plot created a time warp. Will you have more next year? Please say yes!

There’s one that I left for the Reach’s archives, and I will hopefully be getting more printed when I’m next able to attend, whenever that is. :slight_smile: