Stormcrow Challenge

Is it legit to plan out a general stormcrow challenge on a forum thread? Or must it be done in the field?

If so, lets do it…

So, I had a few ideas. Any comments will be appreciated. (Still thinking in vague ‘what can we do’ terms. Actual logistics will come later.)

Ambition- Can’t think of any atm.

Courage- duelling contest. The duel can, of course, be about whatever the stormcrow running it chooses. Courage is about facing all manner of foes, and stepping up to the challenge regardless of the cost. It could be a fight, a dance off, a poetry recital, an actual duel (with equal/swapped weapons), anything. (With a bit of time to prepare, of course.) Shouldn’t be in anything either participant is incapable of doing, or wouldn’t like to do (e.g. foot race/athletics.) The winner is whoever puts up the boldest show, given the circumstances. A warrior who manages to get up on stage and, through braggadocio alone, win as much acclaim as a professional skop obviously has the courage for the job-although the skop may have displayed more technical skill.

Loyalty- Some sort of team-building exercise. Everyone involved HAS to accept their place on the team to succeed. I can’t think of a specific game though.

Pride-Art/storytelling/singing contest.

Prosperity-All teams are told to come up with ideas to increase the national wealth of Wintermark. Whoever gets the best idea wins. (So, basically, Dragon’s Den.)

Vigilance-scavenger hunt.

Wisdom- For cunning, far-sighted schemers. Are given a theoretical AI Box experiment, but with magic. They have to write a plan that convinces a ‘gatekeeper’ to let them out of a magically sealed box. The most convincing plan wins.

I believe that The hel-brethern’s thane has had the same idea as this, but in the form of a scop’s contest. It might be worth you having a word with him and possibly get some collaboration on both contests.