Streams of Silver


If I targeted Streams I’d Silver on a business that was not a personal resource, such as a stall selling cakes for in-game money, would the profit of the business still improve, and if so how? Thanks for the help


The ritual only works on businesses that are personal resources, and is targeted via the owner of that resource.


Oh ok, thanks


From an IC perspective, the weekend is too short a time and the business too temporary an institution for the mild autumn magic to take root and subtly influence people into buying there.

The link with the person follows the Law of Dominion.

There is an interesting idea that if you were to target an on-field business that was part of an off field business (i.e. it was a pub that was representatives from an actual pub that was someone’s explanation for their business resource) then using that as the focus, with the owner present would make an interesting ritual experience but it would not influence their on field activities.

Likewise a curse to reduce their business income would not directly affect their on field business.