Strike-down with one handed spear

Hi there

I’m a new player and a bit confused about some of the rules.

Are you able to use the Strike-down call while using a one-handed spear?

(I do have the great weapon and mighty strike-down skills already)


Trickier than it appears…

While length is not an issue, using the Mighty Strikedown hero ability states

“with any two-handed polearm”


If you have a one handed spear, and use it two handed, it acts as a polearm (and the length is the same).

And with a polearm, you can do strikedown…

So I suspect that if you used the same weapon single-handed as a spear, switched to using it as a 2 handed polearm, called Strikedown, and then swapped back, you’d be fine…

I think you should wait for an answer from the refs about this, or indeed put in a rules query to PD. They’re usually pretty good about responding to such, but they might be a little busy this week…



Mighty Strikedown requires the use of a pole arm - a 5-7’ weapon wielded in both hands.

A one-handed spear is a 5-7’ spear wielded in one hand. Therefore it cannot be used for Mighty Strikedown. It can be used for Cleaving Strike, because Cleaving Strike explicitly can be used with all weapons up to 7’.

If you take your one-handed spear and temporarily wield it with both hands, it then becomes a pole arm and is a valid weapon for using Mighty Strikedown.


It is possible to call Strikedown with a one-handed spear, by way of the magic items Stumbleroot Spear and Blackwillow Twist. Neither are expensive, but they’re not common either. Expect to have to buy Artisan and make your own.


Okay, thank you for the reply!

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Just to add to your confusion, there are magic weapons that allow you to call strikedown with a one handed spear (stumbleroot spear) artisans like myself make them.