Submissions for a virtuous project

Hello folks,

At the previous event some of you may have met my character (Tolya) or the Cardinal of Prosperity soliciting submissions for a certain publication of virtuous character. (For the sake of not crossing the line of advertising IC things on the OC forum I’m not going to go into more detail than that openly.) This is just a quick note to say that anyone who is still interested in contributing (or who thinks they might have been interested but can’t quite remember what the project was about and would like a reminder) should PM me on here ASAP.

Hi - I don’t think I talked with you but I was told about this publication and maybe read a flyer asking for submissions. I left a copy of a pamphlet that I had written with a note explaining what it was for. (I think I left it in The League for the Cardinal of Prosperity). Did you get anything from me?

(I tried to PM you but it would not send - seems to be stuck in my Outbox)