Sweets & Treats

Hey all,

My 3 boys have asked if they can sell sweets, fudge, treats etc at the next event for IC money and I wanted to see if there were any sort of ideas for things that would be relevant?

Any personal favourites you’d like to see? Anything not on the field that you would like to eat?


Boiled sweets are easy and probably accessible.

Marshmallow [emoji39]

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For lovely home made marshamallows, you should visit the Calf’s Head in Varushka, who sell small bags of them.

I’d start off by suggesting that a whole lot of sweets are already represented on the field and it is quite hard to find things that aren’t there; fudges, many styles of chocolates, boiled sweets, caramels, and all kinds of baklava and pastries and cake oh my!

With this in mind, I wholeheartedly encourage them to simply pick something they like and just go for it! People are always in the market for sweets~ If it’s homemade all the better, make whatever is fun to make then push it on the players!

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It would be good if they had some sort of unique selling point, gimmick or “thing” of interest.

In the brass coast we have a family who sell chocolate in Conclave (as well as else where), which is quite good as not many merchants can actually get into the Hall of Worlds.

Similarly the Nissed Pewt in Highguard has a series of drinks themed (loosely) on the Virtues.

Can also be interesting to come up with a bit of IC fluff about the things you are selling as a bit of interest. Tykes does this, though mostly for laughs as its semi-ooc (Those Orcnettos were good though…)

The more IC-looking the sweets, the better, in my view. It’s not so much about buying sweets as the dressing around them. I once bought a bottle of ginger beer from someone wandering around camps and was chagrined when I realised it hadn’t been dressed up in any way - I felt silly for spending IC money on it. Modern sweet wrappers are a pain, so anything that can be bagged up in cloth or paper or similar will be favourable.

I appreciate all the comments.

The main reason for their potential mini business is to give them a focus when I’m engaged in conversation/plot etc.
As this will be my first Easter event I am also concerned that they may be a little bit restricted by the potential wet weather so giving them something to manage under a canopy will keep them occupied.

Likewise it will also encourage further interaction with different characters and new people throughout the event.

I really like the idea of keeping it as IC as possible and to include a USP too :wink: