Swift casting with mana crystals?


If I use mana crystals to cast a spell, and swift cast it, does it still only take one mana crystal? Or would it take 2 as swift casting is a 2 mana spell?
Trying to figure out if it is worth using crystal mana to cast swift heals on a battlefield, or if I would be better off buying potions!


A mana crystal lets you cast any spell, whether than is a 1 mana spell, a spell that is two mana i.e paralyse or a swiftcasted version of a 1 mana spell.

Unless you are always going to swift cast potions are probably better due to flexibility and in theory* they should be roughly equal in cost, but if you can get a good deal on mana it is an option.

*It’s hard to go into more detail without breaking the rules about talking about economics



Your character may also use crystallized mana to cast spells; a single crystal can be used to cast any single spell.


I’d get clarification, but my assumption would be that the important word there is ‘cast’ and that’s a different action to ‘swift-cast’ which has its own entry. In fact, the entry for swift casting has an interesting bit of text…

Magic items, rituals, and similar abilities do not provide the ability to swift cast a spell unless they explicitly say they do.

Like so many things, logic and sportsmanship tells you one thing, but you really hope there’s wiggle-room. Sadly, I think you need two crystals…


Tea quoted above is an official ref so that is confirmation, it looks like the wiki text needs clarifying, probably because of the relatively recent change in rules for swift casting.


To be clear, nobody is a ref on the internet.

However, I am confident as a normal player that the intent is any casting of a spell (including swift casting) costs one mana crystal. As Charlie notes, this section predates swift-casting.

The language about items/etc refers to things which give the ability to cast a spell as if you knew if.

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