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Hello again people of THE LEAGUE :slight_smile:

I am looking for a bit of advice for a sword/shield combo for my bravo. I am currently looking at eldritch.com/shields/plain-s … -s-cb.html
eldritch.com/weapons/basket- … 02-70.html

I am not sure if they are appropriate or not, or if I should go for a different style of sword.
Any help will get much love :slight_smile:

[quote=“Confuzl”]Hello again people of THE LEAGUE :slight_smile:

I am looking for a bit of advice for a sword/shield combo for my bravo. I am currently looking at eldritch.com/shields/plain-s … -s-cb.html
eldritch.com/weapons/basket- … 02-70.html

I am not sure if they are appropriate or not, or if I should go for a different style of sword.
Any help will get much love :slight_smile:[/quote]

Sword looks fine to me - in fact for a bravo you could, if you wished (and can afford), go for a more extravagant hilt style depending just how much of a complete show off you want to be :smiley:

Much less convinced about the shield for a bravo though. Personally if I were doing a bravo and wasn’t using an off hand dagger of some sort I’d go for a buckler and not a (full) shield - something like the fancier ones illustrated in Talhoffer thearma.org/Manuals/I33-guar … age175.jpg

I am planning on having a dagger, it’s just I was told to grab a shield to avoid being turning into a pincushion by archers :stuck_out_tongue:

Shields are just not very League IMO, and even less so for Bravos - be lithe and skilful in avoiding arrows (and bucklers are actually quite good for this), far more bravo IMO :stuck_out_tongue:

The shield’s quite small and doesn’t look like it’s much more than 15" wide if that. That’s not a tremendous amount more arrow defence compared to buying a 15" buckler that you can also use on any future Empire PC. With shields, I’d go big or stick to your free buckler and spend the XP on other stuff. Buckler fits more with the league look and the 2 XP can go on Hero Points, Hero Point skill like Unstoppable, etc.

A breastplate or short mail vest is an excellent way to avoid getting insta-dropped from a torso shot while not weighing you down as much as full heavy. Pair with a helmet for 6 hits or Medium limb armour for 5. Since Bravos are often Free Company or Guild fighters, you can have your main-gauche and Dueling Shirt for brawling at Anvil and then your heavy armour and buckler for battles.

Thanks Jim, I think I will go for a buckler of some sort. I have bought a leather chest piece for the added protection from things, hopefully that would be enough.

At the moment my skills are: Ambidexterity,Shield,Endurance,Hero points,Cleaving strike and Stay with me. Do those sound okay or should I change any other aside from Shield?

A leather chest piece is not enough to get extra Hits. If it’s >3mm thick it will block CLEAVE on the areas it covers, but not give extra Hits.

However you choose to expand your armour for full coverage, remember you can’t get hits from it without covering all that, but you can get protection from calls on anywhere that is covered.
So if you had a steel breastplate over a padded jack, that’s only +2 Hits, but your chest is IMPALE resistant.
If you wore it over an aluminium maille shirt that covered your arms, it’s +3 hits, IMPALE resistance on the chest and CLEAVE resistance on the arms.
If you wore it with plate arms or a steel helmet it’s +4 Hits and IMPALE resistance on anything steel.

If you’re working to a budget, get a padded cap for £15 or so and you’ll have +2 Hits. Thick leather bracers are good for stopping arm CLEAVES but you’ll need a cap, more arm coverage or leg protection to count for more hits.

What you’ve currently got is quite a good scout/runner/second line setup. Extra Hero Points are probably your best buy with that 2 XP from Shield. If you want to scout or run messages, you may want to go with Unstoppable to counter getting shot. Then save the last XP, buy more Hero Points after E1. If you want to hover behind the main line and pick people back up or job enemies that break through, you’re sorted.

I’ll add the tip that a Rake’s Progress could go really nicely with that PC. 14 resources for the equivalent of 2 hero points a day. It’s a pair of one handed weapons that lets you use Cleave twice in a row for only 1 hero Point, twice a day.

Are you with a group yet Confuzl? The ideal fighting style for you might be affected by what your mates are doing around you and how you fit into the team.

There are a small number of shield users in the League (specifically I can think of one group who use them for background reasons and one other guy), but as Nik says they are sadly unfashionable in our brief. Shame, as they are bloody useful.

From the battles in the first year, I would note that relatively few combatants go on to the field without at least one of heavy armour, shield or a long weapon with a lot of reach. Most front liners would pick two of those. If you have foregone all of those, that would be a brave choice, but possibly frustrating (especially if you find yourself fighting on a day when all the monsters have brought their polearms out).

Having no idea of your personal fighting style, it is hard to give you perfect advice, but as a bit of a shot in the dark, it sounds like you are going to be quite lightly armoured. In light or medium armour you may find fighting in a main battle line quite lethal. One possible solution is to take Unstoppable, Cleave and a bunch of hero points. That might let you have a capability to cause damage at critical points and then a get out of jail free card for if/when it all goes wrong. As other people have suggested above, that is also an ideal build and equipment loadout for a battlefield runner. Of course, I have no idea if that kind of role would suit you at all.

It sounds like I need to get a bit of heavy armour so I am not taken out instantly, think I will look at getting something tonight for it. I am aiming for a light fighter in all honesty. I would rather be behind a main line. And I think I will look at a buckler also.

There is nothing wrong with being a light fighter, however, you need to remember that this means you won’t be in the thick of it and you’ll want to maximise your speed and hitting power - either by being really good (which is something that experience does bring!) or by getting some sort of Heroic call. If you’re taking Ambidextrous then you may want a pair of decently swords; rather than buying anything online I’d suggest buying at the event (Eldritch will be there, and I personally rate Simon’s stuff, but you’ll be able to try things out and get something that feels right - this is worth a lot!).

You can get medium or heavy armour fairly inexpensively if you wanted to go for that - a maille shirt or vest (if you can find one with full sleeves then it’s enough on its own) can be pretty cheap - check out eBay or ask for suggestions but if you haven’t bought the leather yet you might well find it is the same or even cheaper! A cheap helmet will get your locations covered (avoid face coverings is my suggestion there) but if you can get arm and/or leg armour you’ll likely find it useful.

As Tim says it is worth speaking with your group - you will have a lot better time (IC and OC) if you are fighting with other people. If your group are all heavily armed and armoured polearm users then you’ll need to work out how to fit in with that - if they’re slow moving, high-impact fighters then you’ll need to add to it - but they might well be able to help with loaning kit/armour/weapons so you can try things out and see where you’ll have most fun. If you don’t have a group (to fight as a part of) then I suggest finding one. This should be fairly easy as most people are happy to get another decent blade fighting alongside them, and means that when things get confused in the woods you’ll have people specifically watching out for you!

Good luck, and good choice asking around!

(I love my buckler, it’s so lovely! If only I was actually able to fight…silly people forever getting stabbed…)

Further to what Rik just said, if you are fighting by yourself, go and see the League general and introduce yourself. I guarantee that he will try to put you with a unit so you have some people to fight alongside.

We really want people to be able to have fun on the battlefield, so it is in everyone’s interests to get you in a place where you are enjoying yourself. For me, I tend to have fun when I feel like I’m being effective and useful, so it may take a bit of experimentation to find the place where you can do the most good, but if you have the enthusiasm (and it sounds like you do) then there are loads of options.

EDIT: ideally come see me well before the battle if you want to find a berth- the muster right before the battle is not the ideal time, as really we’d want a chance to chat and practice to see what you can do. Look for the tent with the Red Fox banner outside and ask for Gabriel.

Seriously all of you, I really appreciate how helpful and friendly you all are being. It is great being able to ask these questions and get the answers so I can work on what needs doing :slight_smile:

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