Sword length for archers

What’s the best length sidearm for an archer? I’d like to opt for 42inches given the reach advantage and fact I can use it for any future non-archer characters. However, that seems long and likely to get snagged on things or caught up when I run.

Anyone have any experience or advice?

I think this is one of those things that you will need to experiment with for yourself. The ease of carrying (and drawing) it is the bigger concern than reach. See how you get on with 36", that is the weapon length I find most comfortable to use.

Having said that, I love my 32" sword as a sidearm (see here Hospitaller 32), mine has lasted me since 2005 because it’s the spare weapon for nearly every character I’ve played in all that time!

Its all subjective. I know people who preferred an axe and buckler, I normally use a halberd and having some fun with a greatsword over my shoulder in one of darkblade’s back scabberd. It uses magnets to snap open.

It will also depend on how you wear your backup, Straight or angled, high or low, left or right. Whether you use a sword/axe/mace/club/bat’leth ect

I have two of different length for different things depends whats infront of me, I have the same snap open for my two handed sword, movement is so smooth but i had to roll it over my shoulder to unholster, putting back was a pain like a dog chasing its tail “maybe if i move quicker I’ll get it this time”

Depends on how long your legs are.

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I like a 36" or thereabouts sword in a straight drop scabbard, as that doesn’t easily tangle in stuff or get caught when I turn around.

I also love shortswords about 26-30" long because you can get them out really fast in a confined space and start parrying or backstabbing. Also because they don’t have amazing reach they remind you your job is to shoot people, not stab them.

If you get a simple plain sword, you have a good all-round weapon that’ll suit lots of characters.

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