I saw a gorgeous piece of kit in a shop in Bath the other day - 54" White Ash walking staff with a carved horse’s head as the handgrip for slightly less than £25.

If I was playing a Highborn Magister I would have snapped it up there and then - but I’m not.

I’m playing a Hakima from the Brass Coast.

But … it’s still there, and it’s still gorgeous, and it’s still ridiculously cheap.

So, opinions people: how widespread is the horse symbolism OUTSIDE Highguard? Could I get away with it as a mage/priest from another nation? Should I buy it anyway and add “Highborn Magister” to my (rapidly growing) list of back up characters?

And if they have them in stock in April would anyone else want me to pick one up? :wink: … sts#Horses

They are symbols well used outside Highguard.

I cant find the source on the wiki at the moment, but I believe the symbol for the empire is a horses head?
So 100% appropriate for anyone (well, most PCs) to use that symbol.

It sounds like an awesome prop for anyone in a position of Imperial power. Or even for someone like the Speaker of the Senate. Or for a priest of Loyalty (a virtue closely associated with the horse symbol).

Hi Anwar - I’d love to have one if you’re going back at any time.

The shop is literally around the corner from my office! And they had 4 the last time I walked past, so I’m serious about taking orders :slight_smile:

Could you pick one up for me as well? I’d happily use it (as long as the boss upthread doesn’t intend to give it to the next Empress).

I’m happy to Paypal/Send a cheque/BACS.